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Look We Love: Gothic-Chic Furniture And Accessories |

Look We Love: Gothic-Chic Furniture And Accessories

The “Gothic” look might bring to mind dark interiors that go heavy on the wood, wrought iron, velvet, and dark colors. While this is somewhat true — a look at any Gothic castle will confirm the stereotype — a few pieces in the style can go a long way in a home. Gothic décor adds a little bit of welcome drama, especially in interiors that take a more streamlined, modern approach. The bold lines of a wrought iron chandelier add character above a sleek kitchen island, a little bit of velvet makes a dining room feel cozier, and the interesting silhouette of an antique Gothic chair draws the eye. Whether we’re talking about antiques from the design period, or furniture and accessories that just have that intriguing “Gothic” look, the following pieces make a statement in any space.

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