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Made In’s Professional Cookware Won’t Empty Your Bank Account |

Made In’s Professional Cookware Won’t Empty Your Bank Account

Unless you’re an expert in garage sales, outfitting your kitchen with pro-level pots and pans is a pricey process most people forgo until filling out their wedding registry. 

That’s where Made In, a new cookware company that launched at the end of last year, comes in. Besides the fact you won’t need a ring on your finger to afford its pots and pans, you won’t even be able to find them at a department store to begin with, as they’re one of the first cookware companies to sell directly to consumers.

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Taking a cue from companies like Warby Parker and Brooklinen, founders Chip Malt and Jake Kalick have made it possible to deck out your kitchen to the nines without emptying your bank account. The pots and pans are as reassuringly hefty (they’re all handcrafted in the U.S. and shaped from five layers of aluminum) as other high-end brands, but an eight-inch skillet will run you $60 instead of upward of $100.

And while most cookware comes in thousand-dollar sets, Made In lets you pick and choose based on your cooking needs. Don’t know where to start? An online quiz will help decide the perfect combo of pots and pans for you, based off your experience level, what you like to cook and how many people you normally cook for.

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