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Market serves up a new stall |

Market serves up a new stall

Libby Gliksman has teamed up with her parents Yossi and Lorraine Gliksman, who run cookware paradise Upstairs Downstairs in Oswestry, to launch the Market Cookshop.

Upstairs Downstairs, a popular destination for gourmands across the Midlands and Wales, was established in 1987 and was winner of the ‘Britain’s Best Cookshop’ award in 2013.

“The Market Cookshop is a mini version of Upstairs Downstairs, selling quality cookware ranging from French casserole dishes, pots and pans to handcrafted products, glassware, wood-fired outdoor ovens and nifty kitchen gadgets,” said Libby.

“Both my parents are really amazing cooks and I’ve grown up surrounded by cookware and wonderful food all my life. I’ve learned from them and developed my own knowledge about food and cooking.

“I’m proud of what my parents have achieved and I wanted to bring a touch of Upstairs Downstairs to Shrewsbury.

“Cooking should be fun, experimental and enjoyable. If you have the right cookware and useful kitchen gadgets, it’s so much easier and very therapeutic. I’m hoping to be able to introduce cooking demonstrations into the Market Hall in the future.

“I love the Market Hall. It’s a special place with a real community spirit. I adore being here. I very much believe in the mantra of live local, shop local and eat local. With all the wonderful fresh produce, herbs and spices available in the market I thought it would be perfect to sell the quality pans and kitchen accessories with which to cook them.”

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