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‘Mayor’s Dairyfest Breakfast’ this morning in Marshfield |

‘Mayor’s Dairyfest Breakfast’ this morning in Marshfield

MARSHFIELD, WI (WSAU) — Marshfield’s Dairyfest weekend is getting off to a bright and early start this morning at 5:30 with the big ‘Mayor’s Breakfast,’ and organizer Debbie Bauer from the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce says they’ll be serving those delicious dairy treats until 9:30 in the Central Wisconsin State Fair Ground’s main ‘Exposition Building.”  

Bauer says the popular breakfast is now in it’s 36th year, and it’s one of biggest dairy breakfasts around.  “The Mayor’s Breakfast has truly been the kick-off on Friday morning.  Last year we served just under 2200 people, we’re planning again for that.  So, we have people who volunteer throughout the morning in all different areas.”

“It started with a breakfast at the University of Wisconsin Ag Research Station in the auditorium where they served 100 people,” Bauer explained.  “We are now serving over 2200 people, and we’ve changed our menu up through the years where we like to say we are ‘unique’.”

So how do you serve more than 2,000 people breakfast in four hours?  Well, preparations for the breakfast started well before sunrise this morning when an army of volunteers started getting almost 170 gallons of eggs ready to go.  “These head egg people, and the egg-servers, and the egg-makers, are busy already by 4:00 in the morning getting ready for our crowd at 5:30.”

How much food is served at the breakfast?  Bauer said that, “In regard to the food, it’s a phenomenal amount.  I mean it’s like 500 pounds of diced ham, 32 buckets of eggs, which are not cracked by the way, they’re all ‘pre-cracked’.  So, it just amazes me.  I think its 10 institutional-size cans of mushrooms.”

On the menu this year are ‘Scrambled Egg Skillets,’ which Bauer says makes for an absolutely delicious meal.  “It’s gonna be kind of like a skillet breakfast, with the ham, the cheese, some mushrooms and onions, the hash browns, and the scrambled eggs.  So, can’t go wrong there! “

Like always, there’s a prize for “the first-in-line,” there’s drawings for door prizes, and all attendees receive a 36th annual souvenir coffee mug to add to their collection.  The theme for this year’s Dairyfest is “Makin’ It Happen”.

Activities continue all weekend long and include one of the largest parades in central Wisconsin starting at 11:00 Saturday morning.  

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