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Meena Bazar: enhancing lifestyle for fifteen years |

Meena Bazar: enhancing lifestyle for fifteen years

Meena Bazar started its journey back in the year 2002 with only two outlets in Dhaka and Chittagong respectively. On September 14, 2017 Meena Bazar stepped into its fifteenth year of operations. Now, every day at seventeen different locations across the country, Meena Bazar is meeting the regular needs of their customers.


Meena Bazar, is a name that customers have come to know and love for providing healthy, chemical-free products into the country’s markets. They had also introduced the organic food category with the aim of bettering the health and well-being of its customers. The purpose of this holistic approach is the singular pursuit of bringing smiles on the faces of every customer.


The element of ‘hassle’ in never present within the spacious, well-lit and organised floors of Meena Bazar. From the very beginning, the store focused on adding value to the already evolved shopping experience that their customers have been enjoying for a long time.

Along with the pleasures of shopping which comes with an unending array of products to choose from, Meena Bazar provides the convenience of ‘order’. From raw vegetables to daily essentials, Meena Bazar ensures that the countless products under its roof are categorically grouped and neatly organised across a breathable distance.

In addition, Meena Bazar provides the facility of remote shopping with its ‘On-call Shopping Service’. Customers can call to place orders and receive each item in a neatly put-together package, right at their doorsteps. To cater to occasions and ceremonies, Meena Bazar also offers the facility of large deliveries.


The product range of Meena Bazar is more than sufficient to fill every need of any household. From freshly caught fish to kitchen accessories, the ever-increasing line-up of products are able to meet daily needs in an unparalleled manner. Customers will also find domestic and foreign cosmetics, children’s toys, and women’s products to bottled drinks, packaged juices, liquids and powders. This diversified list of products helps the superstore offer an affordable price-plan for the customers.

The bills are computer generated and upon payment, every customer receives a detailed list as a reference point of items bagged and tagged for them. Bills are payable in cash or card, depending upon the convenience of the customers.


Meena Bazar outlets are open from 9 AM to 8 PM, every single day of the year. Close circuit cameras cover every square foot of the premises with private security deployed at each point of entry. All Meena Bazar’s outlets have their own car parking system, adding to the peace of mind of the shopper.

With the leadership of Kazi Shahed Ahmed, Meena Bazar has been devoting each day in diligent service of loyal customers whilst bringing to them the best-quality domestic and international products. They have been doing this for fifteen years now and will continue to provide better services in the coming years.

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