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Miguel Angel Jimenez, always comfortable in own skin, prepares for Senior PGA Championship |

Miguel Angel Jimenez, always comfortable in own skin, prepares for Senior PGA Championship

POTOMAC FALLS, Va. — Miguel Angel Jimenez, 53, is playing in his first KitchenAid Senior PGA Championship this week at Trump National.

Jimenez’s time on the PGA Tour Champions has ramped up the last two years and he still makes starts in European and PGA Tour events.

After having a look at the Trump National course, Jimenez likes what he sees.

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“It’s a very nice golf course,” he said. “The rough is tough, you need to hit it pretty good from the tee and even the fairways are generous fairways but still you need to hit it good from the tees. It’s a long golf course from the back, it has all kinds of distance. And the greens are nice. There’s a lot of movement on those greens. You need to be on the low part of the green because you know you can have a very difficult putt, fast putts. I think it’s going to defend itself very well. It’s a great golf course.”

His own game aside, Jimenez was delighted when countryman Sergio Garcia captured the Masters in April — his first major championship.

“It’s amazing,” Jimenez said. “He deserves it. He played so many majors and has been in contention in a lot of them and he deserves this. It’s coming late, probably, but you see Mickelson also won his first major at 37. Now he has five. Now Sergio just opened the box and we hope that it’s not the last one. He’s got the game, he’s got the power and the skill to win more majors.”



Jimenez is a four-time PGA Tour Champions winner. He most recently won at the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic in April.

He’s one of the most recognizable people in golf with his red ponytail, aviator shades and a cigar as another common accessory.

Because of his looks — and a unique stretching routine, which we’ll touch on later — Jimenez has been given the moniker of “The Most Interesting Man in Golf” over the years, since he seems so similar to the popular character in those beer commercials for Dos Equis.

Whether people find Jimenez “interesting” or not is no matter to the Spaniard. According to him, he’s just living his life the way he wants to live it.

“What I do in my life is I never hide what I’m doing,” he said. “I love the game of golf, I love to compete because I keep competing here and it’s a thrill. I like to enjoy my life and I don’t hide it. I like to have my glass of red I have my glass of red if it’s Tempranillo (a black grape variety widely grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain) from Rioja, it’s even better. I smoke, I smoke my cigars. I don’t hide myself what I’m doing, what I like to do in my life. That’s me. I don’t know if I’m interesting or not. I have freedom to do what I want to. It’s not forbidden.”

It’s not forbidden. It’s actually endearing, much like that warm-up routine.

You know… this one:



Again, it’s just Jimenez being Jimenez.

“Well, it’s always nice to get flexible,” he said. “What you see on the range is now it’s a like a slow, like a refresh what you’re doing. But every morning when I wake up first thing is go to the gym and do the proper exercises. Go through like a 15 or 20 minutes through the elliptical or running there and exercise with elastic bands and things to get yourself going on. What you see on the driving range is after that moment to the driving range it’s, you have a shower, you have your breakfast, you travel to golf course, whatever, it’s time to do it again. It needs to be refreshed. But the people like it, the people enjoy it. I don’t mind. We are showmen. We have to put some smiles to the people and the same time you refresh yourself, you make like with one shot you kill two birds.”


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