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Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for September 27 |

Morning Buzz: 5 things to know for September 27

1. The big reveal for the Ford International Airport’s phase one of its gateway transformation project is taking place Wednesday.

At 10 a.m. the project partners will join airport officials for a special ribbon cutting ceremony. Among them will be elected officials, representatives from the community, Dick DeVos, and other recognizable names in the Grand Rapids area.

The first phase includes a consolidated security checkpoint, new food and beverage space and much more.

Now phase two begins, which includes improvements to ticketing, screening and baggage claim areas.


2. Move over school pizza and crispitos, a celebrity chef is taking over a West Michigan cafeteria.

Linden Grove Middle School in Kalamazoo is welcoming Chef Jet Tila who’s been on “Iron Chef America”, “Chopped”, and Anthony Bourain’s “No Reservations.”

Chef will be offering cooking demos and he plans to feature his original dishes and recipes actually served on the school lunch menu.

Students will also be able to take home recipes, have a meet and greet, and take selfie photos with Chef Jet.


3. The fall heat wave we’ve had has been intense enough to force schools to call for half days since last week. However in Caledonia, one fourth grader kept his class cool, with an awesome invention.

Abram Barker goes to Kettle Lake Elementary, and “beating the heat” was his classroom’s motto during the hot streak.

On Monday, he brought in an air conditioner that he made to keep the class cool. His classmates called it Abram’s Air, which was made with frozen water bottles, two-liter bottles cut in half, and a plastic tub.

Abram says it took him and his mom about 20 minutes to make it.


4.  Did you know that if you’re under 14, Disney says you can’t dress up as characters?

According to Disney Resort Codes, adults aren’t allowed to dress up as Disney Characters while in the parks. Guests can even be refused entry, or kicked out if they don’t listen.

This is done to ensure that the only adults in costume are staff members, but the rule is relaxed for certain events like Mickey’s Halloween Party in October.

Visitors are still welcome to wear accessories like short capes, hats and tiaras as long as their faces aren’t covered.


5. If you make your cup of coffee or tea at the communal kitchen at work, your cup may be carrying more than just your drink.

Researchers from the University of Arizona found that 90 percent of megs in office kitchens are coated with germs. About 20 percent of those cups had fecal bacteria on them.

Researchers say the culprit is the communal kitchen sponge.

The team was also involved in a study from the University of California, showing that offices with men had significantly more bacteria than those occupied by women.

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