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Mothers pit cheap Kmart appliances against expensive ones | Daily … |

Mothers pit cheap Kmart appliances against expensive ones | Daily …

Everyday working mothers have pitted some of Australia’s biggest appliance names against their department store counterparts.

In many cases, cheaper items from Kmart, Aldi and Target were found to have done just as well as their designer counterparts. 

The two mothers, Heidi and Loren, told A Current Affair that in most cases, the cheaper items might be discounted in price, but they did the exact same thing as products which costed up to 11 times more. 

Heidi found her carpet was just as clean with the headline-making $89 vacuum from Kmart, which was pitted against a $599 Dyson.

The beloved Dyson vacuum, which retails at $599 on sale, lost out with working mother Heidi

She preferred Kmart's $89 version, which she said 'sucked the same'

Between the $599 Dyson (left) and the $89 Kmart-brand vacuum cleaner, the cheaper appliance came out on top – though working mother Heidi admitted the Dyson was easier to use

She said the Dyson was easier to use than the cheaper counterpart, but ‘they both sucked exactly the same’. 

Loren raved about Aldi’s  $80 espresso pod machine, and said it was far superior to the $159 Nespresso Essenza Mini.

‘It was tastier, it was hotter, and there was a little bit more in the cup as well,’ she said. 

While a Smeg toaster and kettle have an appealing aesthetic, the pastel colours are also available on the Kmart range, which retails for one fifth of the price.

‘They both come with 12 month warranties, so you’re not getting any more for your money in that regard,’ said Heidi, who also noted the Smeg products were much heavier. 

Based on power consumption and price, the Kmart toaster was the preferred choice

The Smeg version was believed to be more power hungry

The Kmart toaster (left) also took out the top gong when compared to its designer Smeg counterpart (right)

The Kmart Kettle was priced at only $39

The Smeg version was $199

Both the kettle and toaster from Kmart were priced at $39, compared to Smeg’s $199 offerings 

It’s not just Kmart and Aldi who are producing superior home appliances – with a slow cooker from Target already owned by one of the mothers praised as superior to its brand-name counterpart.

The $39 cooker reportedly served up exactly the same product as Breville’s $109 offering, leaving Loren satisfied with her choice.

‘They both do the same thing, so I wouldn’t go and spend more money on something that does the same job,’ she said.

When it came to the exalted Kitchenaid, it may be one of the only brand names to offer a higher quality product.

The $799 mixer was found by Heidi to be more effective as a hands-off mixer, noting it mixed the ingredients and managed to scrape the sides – whereas its $69 counterpart did not. 

But with a $730 price difference, the Kmart version still came out as more appealing, with Heidi also noting it was bigger and could hold a litre more than the Kitchenaid. 

Other notable successes included similar results between the $199 Tefal iron and the $49 Sunbeam product, and a win for the $59 Bellini blender over the $179 Nutribullet.

The Kitchenaid mixer was found to work better without human intervention

The Kmart version was $730 cheaper and only needed someone to scrape the sides of the bowl

While the Kitchenaid mixer was found to work better without human intervention, the Kmart version was $730 cheaper and only needed someone to scrape the sides of the bowl

‘I would keep my money in my pocket – it does the same job – it actually blended the ingredients better,’ Loren said of the blender. 

Marketing expert Dee Madigan told the program while the bigger brands do benefit from better advertising, they also have a large following based on their reputation.

‘The reason we buy brands it because we trust them – usually it’s because they’ve been around for a long time,’ she said.

‘They rely on their reputation and you know you’re paying for that reputation.’

She did note, however, that reputation wasn’t everything.  

‘If there’s a massive difference in price, you might weigh up the fact that if you have to buy two or three cheap items over 10 years, it still might be cheaper than buying one expensive item,’ she said. 

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