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Move over, beef: Eggs are potatoes’ true love |

Move over, beef: Eggs are potatoes’ true love

Goodness doesn’t get much simpler than eggs and potatoes. The combination works for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think scrambled eggs with potatoes, potato salad laced with hard-cooked eggs, crunchy fried rice topped with a soft egg. It’s perfect fare for casual entertaining, great for overnight guests during the overloaded holiday season.

I think the contrasting textures explain a lot of the combo’s appeal. Also, both ingredients exhibit a fantastic affinity for picking up other flavors — butter, oil, bacon, hot sauce, black pepper.

Loving this combination, I seek it out whenever possible. On a recent trip to Kalamazoo, Mich., I thrilled to see corned beef hash on the breakfast menu at Anna’s House. The skillet full of crispy little potatoes and shreds of tender, rich corned beef, topped with a fried egg, proved a far cry from any canned corned beef hash of old.

The secret to this rejuvenated breakfast staple is allowing the ingredients to maintain individual textures: crispy potatoes, soft caramelized onions, toothsome meat chunks and the melting goodness of soft egg.

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