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My Senior Moment: Gifts from the heart |

My Senior Moment: Gifts from the heart

I’m still a child at heart in spite of this old body, because I love receiving gifts. I know Proverbs says it is better to give than to receive, and I do love presenting loved ones and friends with gifts I hope they will like and maybe even cherish, but I also enjoy being on the receiving end.

I adore a pair of silver and yellow topaz earrings that my mom and dad purchased for me one year on my birthday. Every time I fasten those lovely pieces of jewelry on my ears, I remember shopping with my parents in the jewelry department at Sears and how delighted they were with my choice.

Over the years, my friend Judy has presented me with several gifts that reflect how well she knew me, especially my love for NASCAR racing. Thanks to Judy, for a while — until flip phones were outdated — I owned a Ryan Newman cell phone that looked like a car and its ringtones were a racing motor or a beeping horn. Also, I still carry a thumb drive in my purse that is a Dale Earnhardt No. 88 race car.

Judy is also the reason why I own a clay pottery dial telephone that really works and a cowboy boot clock, both reflections of my love for all things southwestern in design and colors.

It is especially gratifying to me when one is remembered by a friend when the friend is on vacation.

On a shelf in my living room is a clear crystal cube with a sea turtle captured in the middle of the cube. Kathy brought that back to me when she was on a Caribbean cruise. And a beautiful blue and white glass tile from St. Augustine was a souvenir from a town she knew I loved.

Her best gift to me was after I started writing My Senior Moment column. She presented me with a tag for the front of my car with the words “My Senior Moment” written on a background of a southwestern desert scene complete with a perfect cactus. How well she knew me.

This week I received two gifts that warmed my heart.

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend at work that I was fond of Fiesta dinnerware and that wanted to start collecting it again to match two platters that were all I had left of my original set that I purchased in the 80s.

Tuesday morning, this dear woman presented me with a gift bag containing a perfect buttercup yellow Fiesta bread and butter plate to kick off my quest to again fill my cabinets with color.

It was a good feeling knowing that on a busy trip out of town, she took the time to choose something she knew I would enjoy.

Last night, I did enjoy a slice of cake covered with fresh strawberries that made a delightful picture on my yellow plate.

My other present was a perfect kokopelli from my granddaughter. A kokopelli is an interesting little curved figure in southwestern lore that plays a nose pipe and his images adorn many a wall painting in New Mexico and Arizona.

He’s supposed to bring good luck, which he did for me because it made me happy to receive this gift from my sweet Madeleine.

She had discovered him at the Goodwill store, covered in rust. This teenager refinished the little statuette and painted him turquoise, my favorite color.

I’m a lucky woman and I only have to look around me to know it’s so.

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