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New Bespoke Kitchen Fitters Service In Bristol & Bath Announce Company Formation |

New Bespoke Kitchen Fitters Service In Bristol & Bath Announce Company Formation

(MENAFN Editorial) Newly formed Jointly owned business ,Fresh Fit Installations, based in Bath, Somerset, specializing in bespoke fitted kitchens installation, will be offering their standard and bespoke services initially to clientele within the Bristol, Bath, W.S.Mare and Swindon areas.

For more information about services provided visit:

Founded as a limited company in 2017, Fresh Fit Installations Ltd is owned and run by two lifelong friends and work companions, Stuart Angell and Anthony Cook. Both have had a shared a vision of one day, combining each others vast knowledge and differing skill sets to from their own business.

Angell expalined

For a long time both Ant (Anthony) and I have wanted to offer our own services to the general public. Both of us are kind of obsessed with the quality of our work and finish, and we take pride and get great satisfaction from doing a great job. By the formation of Fresh Fit Installations Ltd both Ant and I can take control of standards of finish and installation procedures”

Angell went on to say

We arereally excited to be able to offer our services. We also have plans to expand, not only in areas we service but also the services we offer. I myself (Angell) am a qualified carpenter. Loft conversions and roof extensions are also a specialty of mine. I envisage that within 12 months from now will be in a position to offer theses extra home improvement services.We are at this moment in time adding to our already highly skilled team of professional tradesmen. Also, I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Anthony and myself to thank both our wives for helping us turn our dreams of taking Fresh Fit Installations from an idea into a real business. We truly appreciate it

Besides bespoke kitchen installations, Fresh Fit Installations also cater for customers who prefer ready made kitchen furniture and accessories. Modern designs and differing materials all add to the spice and excitement of choosing, palnning and buying a new kitchen.

For more information,visit [Fresh Fit Installations]( website.


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