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New Year will be all about colour |

New Year will be all about colour

The new year is fast approaching and perhaps you, like many, are curious to see what’s trending in the world of interior design. One of the big trends that holds steady for 2018 is colour. Colour will continue its inspiration and domination in the coming year; whether you use it abundantly with in a room, or minimally to punctate your space 2018 is definitely all about colour.

From the revival of retro colors like burnt orange, to warm earthy palettes of pinks, browns and plumy greys, to rich reds, bold fuchsia and striking blues, the palettes for 2018 are simply fantastic and the combinations are daring. Bold reds paired with a gold-toned curry yellow and earthy terracotta pink for example.

However, when it comes to the metals, gold is king ahead! All shades gold are trending, from the antiqued shades to the warm yellowy gold tones…this is definitely the metal of choice. One of my favourites when it comes to gold-tones is unlacquered brass. This finish is organic, and is sometimes referred to as a “living finish”. It has a look and feel all its own, as the absence of lacquer allows the durable solid brass to naturally age over time and develop a beautiful unique patina of colour and texture.

Texture is another must-have for 2018. Whether it’s found in the plushness and luxuriousness of a rich velvet fabric – very “en-pointe” this year, or in a simple colour-washed wallpaper, texture will play a key role in the coming year. One go-to supplier that is set for 2018 is Alendel Fabrics. They offer not only a great selection of durable velvets in a wide range of colours, but have also launched a wide selection of textural wallcoverings that are sure to inspire.

Another finish trend this year will be concrete. Whether on the floor, on your walls, or countertops or accessories, we will be seeing concrete popping up everywhere. Geometrically shaped concrete tiles will be particularly popular, as will polished and distress concrete finishes.

Continuing on the path of colour and texture, botanicals are maintaining their popularity. Whether fabrics, wallcoverings or simply large-scaled house plants the impact of botanicals will not be missed.

In the kitchen, black and deep rich greys are the new white, accompanied by warm textured woods and metals to create a modern, slightly industrial aesthetic that does not lose it’s everyday “lived-in” family appeal. Again, we see colour prevalent in kitchen accessories, sinks and faucets.

Our bathrooms are seeing a big hit of colour as companies like luxury British bathing brand, Victoria+Albert introduce their free-standing tub collection now available in six new external finishes, including a rich gloss black and beautiful Antracite. A colored free-standing tub can be just the perfect complement to gold toned bathroom faucets and fittings, creating a luxurious and sophisticated modernism.

Whether your personal style is industrial vintage, modern, traditional or Scandinavian just to name a few, one thing for certain 2018 will be a year full of colour, warmth and inspirations. Embrace the trends you’ll be seeing to create a warm and inviting home to enjoy for years to come.

Linda Mazur is principal of the Linda Mazur Design Group and is known for designs that reflect a rich elegance, timeless style and optimal functionality. Visit

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