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Ninth Annual Main Street Bazaar and Yard Sale |

Ninth Annual Main Street Bazaar and Yard Sale

The ninth annual Main Street Bazaar and Yard Sale is back by popular demand.

Set for Saturday, Jan. 20, the event that began as a small community gathering will open at 8 a.m. with coordinators anticipating another record-high attendance for 2018.

“It’s a fantastic sight with everyone looking all around the streets; it’s a real fun day and the treasures are endless,” said Bill Arendt, bazaar coordinator. “The community comes together all up and down Main Street and Buttonwood Drive and plans for this one day has been all year long.

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“It’s great, as the Main Street businesses, communities and individuals come together for a fun-filled day with bargains galore,” he added. “The nice part is that all of the communities in the neighborhood are coming together, like one big community.”

Bargain-shoppers can stop by most of the communities along Main Street and up through Buttonwood Drive, including Sportsman’s Cove, Ebb Tide and Port Carlos Cove, as residents bring out their items for purchase. Shoppers can find just about anything they are looking for and lots of items you never knew you just can’t live without. Among the typical offerings are clothing, shoes, toys, games, jewelry and accessories to furniture, electronics, books, kitchen gadgets, sporting goods and more.

“You just never know what you’re going to find, plus there will also be other treats and goodies offered within the communities, like soups, full lunches and baked goods to fuel you up for more bargain hunting,” Arendt said. “The other businesses along Main Street who don’t necessarily have merchandise or items for sale have been very supportive of the events taking place, and cheer on the bargain-hunting crowd.”

As all of Main Street is participating, Arendt has some helpful hints for newcomers.

“My top six hints are arrive early (we open at 8 a.m.), carpool and bring your bikes (you can park your car and ride your bike back and forth to the bargains), bring cash, bring your coolers for the shrimp at TRICO Shrimp Company, and have lunch at with us there are lots of good things to eat.”

Be sure and check out the many businesses along Main Street that are also offering something special to treasure-hunters that day.

“I have been coordinating it for nine years, everyone in the different neighborhoods and businesses work together to make this day a success for the sellers and the buyers,” Arendt said. “Our bazar is also a great time for us to connect with our neighbors and the community. So come out, bring your friends and family and have a great time bargain-hunting on the island.”

Guide for the Main Street Bazaar Yard Sale activities on January 20, 2018:

– Ebb Tide RV will have a sale in the club house, next to Main Street.

– Emily Lane will have tables of items for sale by Main Street.

– Gulf Cove will have a sale in their clubhouse plus having coffee and donuts for sale.

– Helen Lane and Oyster Bay Lane West sale at the corner of Helen Lane and Main Street.

– Nancy Lane consolidated sales next to Main Street.

– Oak Street North will have a combined sale at the corner of Oak and Main Street.

– Oyster Bay RV Park and Oyster Bay Lane East, Lots of great bargains in the clubhouse (their storage building is full) along with coffee and donuts. There is plenty of parking available across the street from the park.

– Parrot Key and Shrimp Dock, ready for a cool one, Bloody Mary and Mimosa drink specials plus merchandise discounts. Also take time to enjoy lunch/dinner by the water.

– Port Carlos Cove, sale at the clubhouse and pool area, traditional sale items including furniture and appliances plus homemade soups, pies, baked goods. All available for consumption on site or take home. Also grilled brats and burgers with all the trimmings and chips starting at 10:30.

– Salty Sam’s Ship Store discounts on newer merchandise.

– Sportman’s Cove located on Buttonwood across from the American Legion. Several units 892-898 will have a variety of household items including appliances, furniture and tools in their community area.

– Southern Comfort Storage will have a variety of sales in and around their building. Cars, Boats, Bikes, appliances, furniture, and much more.

– TRICO Shrimp Co., a seafood special for the day, a 5# fresh frozen shrimp pieces for only $35.00. Bring your cooler.

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