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On the Bright Side: Potluck supper brings out Cooperstown residents |

On the Bright Side: Potluck supper brings out Cooperstown residents

The dinner table stretched the full block between Fair and River streets along Main Street at Cooperstown’s sixth annual Harvest Potluck Supper on Sunday.

More than 100 people attended to share a community meal, show off their cooking or baking prowess and enjoy a rare opportunity to drink wine in public in the center of town.

The idea for the potluck supper came from M.J. Harris and the Growing Community group, which had been brainstorming ideas for a seasonal town event.

“I always wanted to do something like this because it brings the community together,” Harris said. “It’s intergenerational.”

The dinner is a perfect time for people to share the bounty from their gardens, she said. This year, cooks were also asked to write down their recipes to be shared in a community cookbook.

Growing Community was formed to get people in Cooperstown interested in growing their own food, members Ellen Pope and Rebecca Weil said.

“We wanted to build community through something that we liked, which was food and gardening,” Pope said.

The dinner is a culmination of their work every year, made more enjoyable because there is no fundraising, no cause — just a celebration of the fall, they said.

“This is sort of a celebration of when we get the town back from all the tourists,” said Jim Atwell, who brought roasted chicken and red wine to the table.

He and his wife Anne Geddis-Atwell shared food and conversation with Latania Monteith and Leachin Wilson, chefs from Jamaica who are working at The Otesaga Resort Hotel. They had the day off and stumbled upon the community dinner.

“This is new to us. We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Monteith said.

Growing Community encouraged attendees to bring real dinnerware to try to make the event zero-waste, and volunteers set up colorfully painted recycling and composting bins to properly dispose of trash. 

At the end of a long summer sharing their community with the nation, it’s nice to sit down together before the long winter, Harris said.  

Erin Jerome, staff writer, may be reached at (607) 441-7221, or at Follow her on Twitter at @DS_ErinJ .

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