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On the Homefront: Winter 2018 |

On the Homefront: Winter 2018

Lab Experiment

After decades in the laboratory design and manufacturing industry, Moya O’Neill had a dream that was bigger than science. She was moved to adapt the austere beauty and industrial strength of steel cabinetry previously reserved for labs for use in homes, hospitality environments, and commercial spaces. Moya Living manufactures sleek, powder-coated steel cabinets. Accent materials, including glass, wood, cement, and quartz — often recycled and/or made in the U.S. — complete her designs. “The focus isn’t just on steel,” O’Neill says. “It’s what complements the steel. We like to add the yin and the yang, as opposites attract.” Every kitchen and bath cabinet features soft-close slides and hinges; the liners, pull-outs, and hardware can be customized. KBC by Benjamin Sullivan on El Paseo carries them exclusively.

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