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One-pan recipes don’t overload the cook – Yakima Herald |

One-pan recipes don’t overload the cook – Yakima Herald

Molly Gilbert’s last cookbook, “Sheet Pan Suppers,” offered a great guide to making easy, affordable meals using one particular method: sliding a sheet pan into the oven and pulling out chicken Parmesan, or kale chips, or peanut butter cookies.

In “One Pan Done,” she expands her methodology to include pie pans, skillets and casserole dishes while keeping in place the simplicity rule: You need to use only one of these utensils to make the recipe.

Some of them, like Dutch ovens or cast-iron skillets, may not be normal staples in everybody’s kitchen. In some cases, you can substitute a soup pot for a Dutch oven or a frying pan for a skillet, but not for the recipes where they have to go in the oven at the end.

There are a lot of creative ideas here. One of my favorites is the spicy pork ramen. Sauté a pound of ground pork in sesame oil, chili paste and soy sauce until browned, add chicken broth, and throw in ramen and vegetables. You get one of the more flavorful meals I’ve had the pleasure of eating, and it takes less than an hour. And there are actually a couple of stores in Yakima where you can find dried seaweed squares.

The turkey Parmesan meatballs served on polenta and smothered in marinara sauce was another winner.

Vegetarians will find a lot to like in here as well. The curried red lentil soup had the right amount of protein and spiciness, with a dollop of sour cream on top to cool the palate, as well as a filling four-cheese macaroni recipe. For desserts, you’ll love the giant chocolate chip cookie that gets baked in a skillet and cut into slices.

There are a lot of cookbooks out there with gorgeous photography and adventurous recipes, but many of them seem to make an assumption that cooks have a lot of time on their hands and energy to accompany it. This is a recipe book that keeps reality in mind and doesn’t overload the cook with work.

Plus, a lot of these recipes easily leave enough left over for the next night.


• “One Pan Done” by Molly Gilbert was published by Clarkson Potter in February. It retails for $17.99.


• Chris Saunders works for Inklings Bookshop. He and other Inklings staffers review books in this space every week.

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