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Organizations offer lifesaving help as extreme cold hits area |

Organizations offer lifesaving help as extreme cold hits area

From food to shelter, organizations are working to make sure everyone survives the

extreme cold hitting the area.

As volunteers with Mobile Meals in Spartanburg drop off meals every day, they are making sure recipients have heat.

“A lot of times, the recipients will tell us, ‘I have no heat,’ and this type of thing. We will try to locate or call the family or whoever we can get ahold of. Sometimes we have organizations we can refer them to, and sometimes we can even actually go out and contact some people to help them with their heat in this point in time,” said Paula Jakubchak, with Mobile Meals.

The Spartanburg Soup Kitchen is handing out hot chocolate as people leave after their meals.

People who visit the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen can also take socks, a hat, gloves or a jacket when they leave, depending on what’s been donated.

“If one person does not make it because of this weather, it’s going to be one person too many,” said Lou Sartor, executive director of the Spartanburg Soup Kitchen. “With this weather that we’re going to be having for two consecutive weeks, it’s going to be more than any of us can withstand.”

The soup kitchen is in need of donations of winter clothing and accessories, especially plus-size jackets.

“I am homeless. I’ve been homeless for years. I have been so cold out there I couldn’t even sleep at night for shivering,” Kimberly Clark told WYFF News 4’s Mike McCormick. “We need all the donations that we can get. Anything you’re able to give us, we will appreciate it.”

Sartor said she’s concerned about what happens to people once they leave the soup kitchen.

“Something that I seen on Christmas Day that really broke my heart was to see a lady outside with a blanket over her head and all of her worldly possessions with her,” Sartor said.

People who are homeless can turn to Miracle Hill and its rescue missions in Spartanburg, Gaffney and Greenville.

“We don’t want anybody to freeze to death. That is for certain,” said Calvin Vinson, director of the Spartanburg Rescue Mission.

The cold weather shelters at Miracle Hill open at 8:30 each night.

The Spartanburg Rescue Mission also has several regular beds available in its men’s dorms, but they are expected to go fast.

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