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Our 2018 Amazon Prime Day wish list – The San Diego Union |

Our 2018 Amazon Prime Day wish list – The San Diego Union

Like you, we love to cook (or at least eat) … but all the gadgets and gizmos you need to take your cooking to the next level can be expensive. That’s one reason to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day: there will be tons of great deals on otherwise pricey kitchen essentials (and fun stuff, too).

Here are some of the products every home should have in their kitchen. If you see them on sale, it’s smart to buy early, as cooking gear tends to be one of the most popular categories on Prime Day (and items sell out quickly).

Our sister website, BestReviews, has helped put together this list of products that they have researched extensively and even tested many of them in their own space to make sure the products live up to manufacturers’ claims. You can feel confident spending your money on these items.


Preserve all that fresh summer produce by making dried fruit, or try your hand at homemade jerky. The possibilities are endless with a dehydrator!

Instant Pot

Now’s the time to donate all those random, worn-out appliances and get this all-in-one wonder. It was one of the most popular deals last year, and they sold out fast. Shop early if you want to snag one this year.

Espresso Machine

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