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Pantastic: Tefal and Renewi partnership recycles 31000kg of old pots and pans |

Pantastic: Tefal and Renewi partnership recycles 31000kg of old pots and pans

Waste-to-energy firm Renewi and cookware brand Tefal have hailed the results of a recent joint recycling initiative that has helped turn 31,000kg of old frying pans into secondary raw materials.

A 30 per cent discount was offered across Dutch outlets of retail chains Blokker and Marskramer to consumers who handed back their old pots, pans, and other cookware to stores during recent ‘Tefal Exchange Weeks’, the two firms said.

European waste to energy firm Renewi, which is headquartered in Milton Keynes, then collected and recycled the pans into raw materials such as steel, aluminium, and plastic through its electrical and electronic waste subsidiary Coolrec.

Arjen Wittekoek, managing director at Coolrec, said the firm recovered more than 90 per cent of raw materials from the discarded pans for use as secondary materials in new products.

“Our partnership with Tefal puts our circular vision and mission into practice by showing that new life can be given to discarded products by recycling them correctly,” he said.

The recycling initiative was also hailed as “a marvellous circular collaboration” by Tefal’s marketing director, Japp van der Vigver.

“The collaboration with Coolrec ensures there’s a good processing of old pans, which allows this sort of promotion to contribute directly to achieving our sustainability goals,” he said. “This year we will be delivering an enormous amount of old pans for recycling again.”

Tefal and Coolrec have also previously partnered on a similar promotion that helped collect and recycle 8,600kg of discarded irons.

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