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Pantry dishes have special movie theater connection |

Pantry dishes have special movie theater connection

There’s a special connection to old Hollywood movies and the family heirloom fine china we keep on the top shelf in our pantry, just off the kitchen, at our farm.

My dad’s older sisters, my Auntie Lilly and Auntie Loretta, both left the family farm after high school to pursue jobs in Chicago. They shared a small apartment on the northside, not far from Wrigley Field. Besides baseball games, the other favorite summer recreation was a visit to the movie theater, which during the 1930s and 1940s, were large, lofty and ornate “movie houses,” far different from today’s modern multi-screen cinemas.

One of the draws to attract movie patrons during these early decades was the promise of comfortable air conditioning during the heat of the summer months. Just as key for marketing and promotion on the movie marquee was advertising the luxury of air conditioning, adjacent to the lettering which spelled of the names of the favorite movie stars appearing in the featured films.

The other enticement to woo movie patrons, especially women, was a promotional gimmick very popular during these same Great Depression years, which promised a cup or dish to anyone who purchased a movie ticket. The fine china was distributed one piece at a time, week by week, inspiring returning customers like my aunts, to see as many movies as possible as a way to add to their dinnerware set.

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