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Passion for color creates warm holiday decor |

Passion for color creates warm holiday decor

HUNTINGTON – Cindy and Wallace Taylor have their home all decked out for Christmas and are ready for the holidays. From Christmas pillows on the porch furniture to swags of greenery here and there, the house looks like a nostalgic Christmas card wishing you a merry Christmas. This is just the type of home Advocates Saving Adoptable Pets is looking for to be on their 2018 Christmas tour.

ASAP group will be responsible for the 2018 Christmas homes tour in Huntington, and the Taylors’ house is just one they have already recruited to help them out.

Martha Cummings, chair of the committee organizing the tour said, “We already have four houses committed to take part and hope to get several more. If anyone is interested in having their home on the tour please let me know.” She can be contacted at or by calling 304-417-0562.

Though the Taylors have only been back in Huntington for a year or so, with encouragement from their neighbor, Patty Justice, they are going to step up to help this local organization raise funds next year. Justice has previously been active in organizing the homes tour and knew her friends’ house would be a perfect fit.

When the Taylors first encountered the home, they knew it was the one for them.

“I remembered it from when I was growing up and liked it even as a kid,” Wallace Taylor, a Huntington native, said.

Cindy Taylor went on to reminisce that it was very similar to another house they had owned when they lived in Richmond, Virginia. “We just loved that house, and the floor plan of this one is similar,” she said.

Cindy Taylor has quite the knack for creating a warm inviting decor in the home.

“She loves color,” Wallace Taylor said, and that is very evident as one enters the center foyer of the home. Above the white wainscot, the walls are painted a cheerful red that is only enhanced with the greenery of the season. On one side of the entryway is the living room where the family tree is loaded with colorful ornaments, and the other side features the dining room with vintage Byer Carolers singing from the sideboard.

The living room, dining room and sun porch are painted a cool green with accessories in a variety of colors from blues to yellows to cranberry. Each room is decorated with companionable Christmas accessories. For example hanging from the living room mantle are the needlepoint Christmas stockings Cindy Taylor has expertly stitched. The delightful sun porch could have stepped out of the Greenbrier Hotel parlor with poinsettias framing the wicker furniture upholstered in a festive yellow. The formal dining room would be at home there as well, with Christmas china dressing the table.

The charm of this classic older home is what the Taylors love about this house, but they are practical people who wanted an updated kitchen.

Like many homes of yesteryear it had a very small kitchen, so after a bit of renovation the kitchen is 21st Century ready with Christmas carolers singing from the counters. The adjacent family room features a holiday tree loaded with needlepoint ornaments complimenting the green and yellow decor.

This is a marvelous house the Taylors are willing to share with the community when the Huntington Christmas house tour occurs next year.

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