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Pick the right dinnerware |

Pick the right dinnerware

The dinner table is the focal point of any special gathering. Whether it is for festivities or a formal occasion, the table setting is an art form that reflects the host’s personality.  

For festive gatherings, we often choose to use dinnerware that seems befitting for the occasion — it can totally uplift the mood and ambience of the dining room. 

This week, we will show you a variety of classical crockery for your dining space.

China clay has been used for many years in the ceramic industry, especially when it comes to creating fine porcelain. This type of clay is easy to mould, has a fine texture, and its white colour is unaffected by heat. Bone ash, when added to the clay, produces the translucency and the whiteness over porcelain.

Porcelain china on the hand is white, rigid and long lasting. It does have a distinct fineness when tapped that is resonant. The two types of porcelain china are soft paste and hard paste. The creamy colour and glass like porcelain is the soft paste. The whiter colour is the hard paste porcelain. 

In some cases, porcelain has been called chinaware or even china. However, it does not possess the fine qualities that one expects from fine china dinnerware.

Choosing fine china dinnerware for you or as a gift can be daunting with so many options to choose from. When searching for quality fine china dinnerware, be sure to read the label and purchase bone china if you desire the best of the best. However, no one will know the difference unless they really know about china. 

The idea of fine china dinnerware is to have a long lasting set that will complement any décor in your kitchen or dining room, and enhance the beauty of the exquisite meal you have prepared for friends and family.

Fine china dinnerware makes a statement for any event, from a casual family dinner to an elegant wedding reception. Choosing the perfect fine china manufacturer and pattern is a matter of taste and décor, whether you like floral, design, or a certain colour. The beauty that fine china dinnerware will bring to your dining room, kitchen, or china display will be one that you will be able to enjoy, just as your guests.

Now our ceramic industries are successfully producing fine and eye-catching bone china porcelain dinnerware. Absolute white plates are excellent for all occasions. Dishes are now also available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sometimes, just a golden ring border or a single geometric border design make for elegant dinnerware. Don’t lock up all your coveted possessions, free them up and make the moment pleasurable. 

And what about old traditional ceramic dishes? 18th century English pottery was famous in Europe, but it gained popularity here due to the colonial period, when these magnificent dishes came here. We can collect them from the antique markets. 

Sometimes our local brassware can be a focal point. Clay pots are also available, which are highly appreciated for summer lunches. But be care careful about the mix and match. Over mixing can ruin a perfect dining experience.

By Nazneen Haque Mimi 

Photo: Journeyman Archive

Interior Consultant



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