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Pins on Pinterest: Show off your passion for pineapple |

Pins on Pinterest: Show off your passion for pineapple

I’ve recently discovered a new favorite quote: “Be like a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside.” This perfectly inspiring saying is cropping up on all sorts of wall art displays and letter boards. Whether it’s in the form of clever sayings or golden pineapples adorning our kitchen decor, pineapples have permeated everything from our home decor to our wardrobe to our accessories.

Regardless of your home decor theme, pineapples are a great way to infuse even more pina love into life. Naturally, I went searching for some great on-trend options. Here are some of my favorite ideas for bringing a bit of the tropics into our home decor, accessories and fashion. For even more ideas, visit our Design on a Dime and Fashion Frenzy pages on Pinterest.

Home decor

Pineapples have long been a symbol hospitality and welcome. Pineapples were first used in home decor in early colonial days. Residents of Williamsburg, for example, built the symbol of a pineapple into the actual architecture of their homes. Now you can find pineapples designs in everything from door knockers to wall art to kitchen canisters to candle holders and much more.

Want to embrace the pineapple trend but not quite ready to commit to a major redesign? Try picking a bedroom or even a bathroom and find fun ways to express your pineapple love. Pillows and golden wall decals are a great way to soften up a bedroom. Pineapple embroidered hand towels and even a shower curtain can bring a bit of the tropics to your bathroom.


Pineapples can be found on every piece of clothing lately. You can find T-shirts screen printed with with brightly colored oversized pineapples. Embroidered little pineapples are popping up on button-down dress shirts. Vacation wear like Bermuda shorts, too, are even featuring the bright yellow and green fruit. And don’t forget novelty socks with pineapples large and small.

Want to create a custom piece of pineapple art into your wardrobe? Try transforming a pair of white Keds tennis shoes into a wearable piece of pineapple art. Grab some fabric markers and start free handing some perfectly imperfect pineapple designs on those shoes. Wear these kicks around all summer with your favorite pineapple graphic tee for a fantastic, whimsical addition to your wardrobe.


If you are passionate about pineapples, there are countless ways to display your pina love. You can find pineapple jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, rings and earrings. A delicate gold pineapple charm makes a fantastic enhancement to a dangling bracelet. Or try even adding a little pineapple bling to your keyring.

In addition to dressing up your earlobes or wrists with this beloved fruit, you can also find pineapples adorning the essential parts of your daily life. Find pineapples on everything from computer mousepads, smartphone cases, trinket trays, earbuds, wallets, purses, makeup bags, smartphone cases, wallets, purses and makeup bags. You can even get trendy trucker hats boasting pineapples.

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