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Pulaski County prepares for recycling collection |

Pulaski County prepares for recycling collection

Recyclable items

Permitted materials for recycling collection in Pulaski County will include:

Newsprint, junk mail, brown paper, white paper, magazines, soft-cover books, phone books.

Empty aluminum cans, aluminum foil and cleaned pie tins.

High-density polyethylene plastic jugs, including empty milk and bottled-water jugs.

Polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles numbered 1 – 7.

Emptied steel cans.

Corrugated cardboard, paperboard and chip board products, including cereal boxes and shoe boxes.

Empty aerosol cans.

Aseptic packaging, including milk cartons, juice cartons and juice boxes (without straws).

Rigid plastics, including plastic tubs and buckets, plastic toys, hangers, nursery pots and laundry baskets.

Household metals, including old metal pots, pans and cookware.

Items that are not permitted include:


Any recyclable materials that have been in contact with food debris, including pizza boxes.

Stretchable plastics, including bags from grocery stores or dry cleaners.

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