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Put Down The (Non-stick) Pan |

Put Down The (Non-stick) Pan

Drop that non-stick Teflon covered pan. While these inexpensive and convenient cooking vessels keep your eggs from sticking and make doing your dishes easier, there’s quite a downside to non-stick pans. 

What’s the problem?

Most non-stick cookware is coated with the synthetic polymer, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), that’s the Teflon. PTFE is a perflurorochemical (PFC). PFCs have been shown to be carcinogenic and disrupt hormones. When you overheat Teflon (which is easy to do when you’re cooking) it produces nasty fumes. These fumes can kill pet birds and cause flu-like symptoms in humans.  

The real issue is that it’s been shown that PFCs are concentrated in human blood. In our modern day non-stick world, PFC exposure is becoming a serious talking point. Exposure to PFCs is linked to unbalanced thyroid hormones, liver inflammation, compromised immunity and some forms of cancer. The more you can avoid PFCs, the better. 

What to do instead?

Two things. First, use a better, healthier pan. The best options are cast iron and fully ceramic pans. It’s clean cooking with the added benefit of infusing your food with iron. Seriously. Plus, after a little use and proper care, a cast iron skillet or grill becomes seasoned and adds some great flavor to anything you cook in it. Second, cook with plenty of healthy fats. Cook eggs in grass fed butter, ghee or coconut oil. Sautee veggies in avocado oil. Save your (pastured) bacon grease and roast your potatoes in some seriously flavored fat. 

Check out these non-stick alternatives:

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