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Quincy School Board member pushes to auction elementary buildings – Herald |

Quincy School Board member pushes to auction elementary buildings – Herald

QUINCY — A Quincy School Board member wants to see the district move forward the sooner the better with selling the elementary schools it will no longer need.

“I’ll recommend to my fellow board members to put into action to auction off these old schools as soon as possible so we know how much money we have to work with,” Richard McNay told the Building Committee on Tuesday. “We know we’re tight on cash.”

Getting a clearer idea of available money is key as construction continues on the new K-5 buildings on 12th Street and 48th Street and is soon to get underway at the Baldwin site and 4100 Harrison.

“We’re concerned to get to the end. These buildings have to be functional, but I think we’re going to be OK moving forward,” McNay said. “Hopefully we’ll have undesignated money that we can hopefully purchase technology and maybe go back and do a few little tweaks to some of the buildings we eliminated for cost-saving purposes.”

Committee members looked at a variety of project tweaks including relocating and replacing the Lincoln-Douglas dumpster and fencing at an estimated cost of $27,500, buying motorized tilt skillets for the kitchens at an estimated $12,000 cost and replacing tile with all carpet in classrooms and music rooms at an estimated cost of $32,000.

Lincoln-Douglas classrooms and music rooms have carpet and a strip of tile near the storage cubbies. Staff members said the two different floorings made it difficult to use the space and to move furniture around, while an all-carpeted space would be easier for the custodial staff.

The flooring will not be changed in Lincoln-Douglas, which opens in August for K-3 students, but the other four schools will have all carpet in class and music rooms.

Moving forward, the other four buildings also make minor changes based on Lincoln-Douglas’ experience on items like the number of outlets in the main office to the design of calming and special education rooms.


Also Tuesday, the Building Committee heard updates on several projects:

º New lights and poles for Flinn Stadium should be received in the end of July and will take about four days to install.

º Work is on schedule on the schools at North 12th and 48th Streets.

º The bulk of interior work at Lincoln-Douglas should be done by the end of the week. The contractor had been waiting to lay the gym floor because of a moisture issue, but a special product will be sprayed on the concrete to allow the floor to be installed.

º Demolition work is set to begin at Baldwin, where the north section is slated to come down this summer. The circle drive canopy will be the first to come down, and the two-story classroom section will be the last.

º Plans call for having the final specifications for the 4100 Harrison site for the July committee meeting, then having bids for the project ready for School Board approval in August.

º Russell Construction will be moving forward with work to repair or replace a curb, grading/seeding/reseeding, raise a manhole and replace a sanitary sewer lid as part of a list of still-to-be-finished projects at Quincy High School.

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