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Sales and traffic, for 100 miles this weekend |

Sales and traffic, for 100 miles this weekend

For 100 miles of Highway 25 this weekend, people and businesses from Jackson to Kennett, Missouri, open their garages and parking lots to people hunting up bargains at the 19th annual 100-Mile Yard Sale, today, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Highway 25 has a narrow shoulder and speed limit of 45 or 55 miles per hour for much of its length, and although the Missouri Department of Transportation doesn’t officially record how many people attend, David Wyman, area engineer with MoDOT, said vehicle and pedestrian traffic was expected to be heavy this weekend.

“We try to put out message boards, and we know Highway 25 comes to a standstill in many areas, causes some pretty dangerous driving conditions,” Wyman said. “We want people to be cautious.”

Vehicles lined Highway 25 between Jackson and Gordonville on Thursday morning; some pulled off into driveways, others just pulled onto the grassy shoulder. Pedestrians crossed the highway.

North of the Gordonville city limit, Bo Burns’ house sits back from the highway down a short driveway, and, he said, he hasn’t seen many accidents.

“People are usually watching,” he said.

Burns is no newcomer to the event, he said.

“Every year for about five years now, I’ve had a sale here,” he said.

At 10:30 Thursday morning, Burns said, he’d seen at least 100 people just since about 6 a.m., most of them looking for iron skillets, dutch ovens or tools.

“That’s what’s most popular,” Burns said, “but people look for just about anything.”

Burns said he enjoys participating in the 100-Mile Yard Sale.

“I meet a lot of people,” he said.

Burns said his wife, Laurie, and her mother do a lot of shopping at yard sales throughout the year, and some of their finds make it onto the tables Memorial Day weekend.

This year, in addition to his own stuff, he’s hosting a lady from church who sells Tupperware, and two people from work who wanted to clear out some space at home.

One of his coworkers, Kathi Gower, said this was her first year selling at the 100-Mile Yard Sale. Gower said she doesn’t really have much experience holding yard sales herself, “but Bo is kind enough to let me park my stuff here and sell it,” she said.

“I’m having a good time, enjoying chatting with people,” Gower added. Gower said she’s moved a few times in the last three years, and she had several items she didn’t want to move again.

“I thought I had a lot of stuff at home,” she said, gesturing to her two tables of mostly dishes and decorative items, “but compared to what’s here?” She laughed.

Aside from houses on the main highway, signs beckon from subdivisions and side streets, and those willing to journey off of 25 just might find that elusive bargain.

Renee Gordon, out shopping with her son, said she looks forward to this event every year, and has attended for at least the last 12 years.

“I schedule this weekend off in January,” she said.

Gordon, who owns Flesh Hound Tattoo Studio in Cape Girardeau and is an artist, said she isn’t usually looking for any one item in particular, but does look for bargains, and for pieces that grab her attention, especially if she can incorporate them into a still-life painting.

“It’s been a good day,” Gordon said, adding what she had seen of this year’s selection was a better variety than she’d seen in past years at the 100-Mile Yard Sale.

Brad Farrar, general manager of Wink’s Convenience Store at 7950 Route K in Gordonville, said the store has only been open for about nine days, but there had been a little more traffic than usual through the store.

“Mainly for restroom use,” Farrar said, adding he thought it would be a good idea to install portable toilets along Highway 25 during the sale.

“Usually I take 25 home,” Farrar said, watching trucks and vans and cars pull in and out of the Wink’s parking lot. “Not today. I’ll go around.”

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