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Seattle’s Mrs. Cook’s hangs up her apron |

Seattle’s Mrs. Cook’s hangs up her apron

The shop is named after her husband’s grandmother, Hylie Cook. When they opened in 1976, at their first location on Sand Point Way, Bromel said people bought their cookwares at hardware stores or department stores like Sears.

Back then, there were no celebrity chefs. Bromel said Julia Child and Graham Kerr were the main influencers in the cooking world. Gourmet cooking was French-focused.

“People still kind of get, ‘I don’t know how to pronounce that,'” she said. “So we’ve tried to make it more approachable and less intimidating and sort of comfortable and fun — because that’s what cooking is, it’s about gathering friends together and family, making things together or sharing a meal.”

For her part, Bromel likes to cook Italian, but gave that up a few years ago. “My husband does all the cooking,” she said. “I cook once in a while on the weekends, but for the most part my husband cooks.”

Bromel has seen many cooking trends. A few years ago, it was sheet pans. Then when people started watching the Great British Baking Show, demand for cake pans went up. These days, it’s the multi-cooker, a plug-in appliance that braises, steams, and fries food. No matter what the gadget, her staff will test every new product to see if it makes the cut.

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