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Seeing Stars: 10 Cosmos-Inspired Designs for Your Home |

Seeing Stars: 10 Cosmos-Inspired Designs for Your Home


Cat Lisle Galileo artwork, $1,495, for information: []( Broom Crescent lighting, starting at $946, for information: []( Cihat Stellar vases, starting at $70, []( Revez Cosmic bedspread, $248, []( Cosmic Diner Pluto dinner plate, $72, []( Pramuk Cosmosis II artwork, starting at $20, for information: []( Astrology Chart cheese board, $38, [](

Celestial bodies, astrological phenomena, solar system cosmology—intergalactic notions have been inspiring us since the dawn of time, and this season, that topic seems to have piqued the interest of home decor designers in a big way. (It seems only natural—what with this year’s solar eclipse and the recent Beaver Moon, we’ve all got our eyes to the sky.) “You can’t find better color combinations than the natural world, and I’ve recently been following more space and science social media accounts as well,” says ceramicist Sarah Cihat, who just debuted Stellar, her range of marbled porcelain vessels and dinnerware that call to mind the cosmos.

Everything from wallpaper to tabletop decor has been getting the outer space treatment. Textile designer Anedh Martinez, of the label Taller Revez, splatters chlorine and gold paint on her tie-dyed bedding, table linens, and throw pillows to give them an otherworldly aesthetic, while Jan Kath’s photo-realistic rugs borrow from Hubble telescope imagery. And, earlier this year, lighting designer Lee Broom used his Crescent collection (inspired by the crescent moon) in a cosmos-inspired window display he designed for Bergdorf Goodman. Look through the photos above to see how you can bring the greater universe into your home.

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