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Shopping at Hill’s Kitchen is Healthy for Neighborhood Schools |

Shopping at Hill’s Kitchen is Healthy for Neighborhood Schools

Can you believe Hill’s Kitchen is approaching its 10th anniversary? Cooks and gift-givers alike have embraced the store and owner Leah Daniels is giving back to her community through making contributions to our neighborhood schools. Our schools are indeed filled with the cooks of tomorrow– and extra funds go a long way to supporting their academic success.

The first annual School Support Week will run from this Saturday through next, April 7-15. Buyers can designate a DC-area school of their choice, and the store will donate 10% of the purchase price to the school. Anyone can participate – parents and family, neighbors and members of the community: just tell the staff at checkout which school you’d like to support.

Sounds like a really good reason to add to your cooking repertoire and the gear you need to do great things in the kitchen! Invigorating the kitchen (in the form of practical gear, inspiring cookbooks and whimsical accoutrement and accessories) is always a good option for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, too. Those holidays do sneak up on you, don’t they?

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