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Skillet’s Jen Ledger Goes Solo With EP |

Skillet’s Jen Ledger Goes Solo With EP

British-English Skillet drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger released information this past week on her solo deal and new EP coming out next month. This Year, Jen has been a member of the christian hard-rock band Skillet for a full decade. She’s signed a deal with Atlantic Records and Hear it Loud. Hear it Loud is was launched by Skillet’s John Korey Cooper, and current manager Zachary Kelm. 

“I feel like I’ve just been growing and changing over the last few years and I feel the time is now,” she stated to Billboard. “It just feels like everything is lined up all at once. It’s super exciting because it is a little bit of a destiny moment.”

She accredits bandmates John Cooper vocalist/guitarist and Korey; John’s wife and keyboardist/rhythm guitarist with teaching, mentoring, and helping her create her own sound. “Over the last couple of years, the Coopers have really been training me, helping me on my writing and really helping me find my own unique style,” she said. “I’m not just mini-Skillet. I’m edgy and rocky, but I’m also soft and got a little bit of pop in me too. They’ve been helping me find out who I am as a person and what do I want to say.”

Jen has also verified to fans around the world through her Instagram that she is not leaving the band Skillet, but just working on a side project. Panheads – Skillet’s super fans – around the world can take a sigh of relief at that. She’s grown as a huge part of the band and many fans look specifically up to her for hope and inspiration. 

Check out her EP when its released on April 13.

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