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Smart Kitchen Appliances Market – New Innovations, Application, Recent Technology Updates & Forecast |

Smart Kitchen Appliances Market – New Innovations, Application, Recent Technology Updates & Forecast

Evolution has significantly changed the way of living humans have ever seen. It has been a common notion that there is a lot of time involved in preparing food and with the busy lifestyle its not feasible to have home cooked food in each and every meal. Technological innovations have vastly benefitted each and every sector across nations and its contribution is also seen in enhancing technologically advanced kitchen products. A new method for cooking is used named as sous-vide, in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or glass jar but takes longer hours than normal cooking.

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This method of cooking is widely used in various hotels, restaurants and franchise.  Numerous chefs also use this method of cooking on a regular basis.  Moreover, cooking appliances that are connected to the internet are more convenient to use such as suvie appliance. Suvie appliance provide countertop multizone cooker and a refrigerator helps in making four individual meal components, where is can keep fresh vegetables, raw proteins, dry starches, and sauces.

Changing lifestyles has significantly boosted the demand for smart kitchen appliances that offers effective and better solution than their traditional counterparts. Transparency Market Research (TMR) has stated in its recent report, where increasing use of technology and higher demand for energy efficient appliances will certainly grow the smart kitchen appliances market globally. The report also shows that the market value for smart kitchen appliance may reach up to US$ 2.73 bn by the end of 2022. Moreover, the increasing consumption of smart kitchen appliances is also because increasing acceptance for internet of things that have majorly affected the traditional culinary ways. Panasonic Corporation, Whirlpool Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Dongbu Daewoo Electronics Corporation, Haier Group, LG Electronics Co. Ltd., and AB Electrolux are some of the major companies prevailing the smart kitchen appliances market.

Increasing demand for smart kitchen appliances is mainly due to:

First and fore most, rise in the demand for luxury products has triggered the need for smart kitchen appliance market across nations. Moreover, developing interests in investing sophisticated kitchen appliances will further penetrate the market in coming years.

The major players in the smart kitchen appliance market are also making efforts in improving and introducing new and technologically advanced kitchen accessories that are compatible and easy to handle.

Innovation has changed the way refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, cookware and cooktop use to work. They all are now available in technological advanced manner and are highly comfortable to use. Among these smart refrigerators have seen high demand, make up to 28% of the total market share, and is expected to grow during the core of next few years.

On the geographical front, North America dominates the market for smart kitchen appliances globally. Due to prevalence of high technological innovations and research, this region has marked its global presence in a profound manner, having 39.5% of the market share in 2013.

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Nevertheless, developments in emerging economies in Asia Pacific are also making constant efforts to surge the demand for smart kitchen appliances.

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