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Solar-powered home features sweeping deck, mountain views |

Solar-powered home features sweeping deck, mountain views

Envisioned as an eco-friendly escape, this gorgeous retreat by the Canadian architecture firm Alain Carle Architecte is located in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, sitting atop large rocks overlooking a forest.

The focal point of the exterior is the horizontal plane, a huge deck built onto the steep slope of the mountain and dividing the home into two floors above and below it. The upper level accommodates a den, master suite, guest bedroom, and bathroom, plus large windows to frame the surrounding forest. The centerpiece of the interior is located on the lower level, where there’s an open-plan living room and kitchen.

Interior finishes include polished concrete floors and black accessories, to match the black-clad exterior. Large rugs, and ceilings lined in a blonde wood bring warmth to the concrete.

Stairs off the kitchen lead to a below-grade nook, which features a fireplace and high-top table running along a glazed wall. A green house, office, storage unit, and audio recording room are also located in this lower section.

Sustainability was a major component of the project. There’s a separate biomass system to the west of the home, topped by a roof covered in solar panels. Much of the home’s energy needs are met by the photovoltaic panels, while neighboring pines protect the house from wind. “Exempt from a magnetic field or wireless devices, the house reflects the owners’ desire to occupy a harmonious and ‘symbiotic’ way where the site is perceived as the ‘host’,” the architect told Dezeen.

Via: Dezeen

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