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Sri Lanka to participate in world’s largest consumer goods show Ambiente |

Sri Lanka to participate in world’s largest consumer goods show Ambiente

Ambiente is the world’s biggest and most international association of trade fairs for the consumer-goods industry and with a clear target-group specific structure within the dining, giving, living and sourcing.

Sri Lanka has been participating in Ambiente for over 30 years and a number of industries have developed from this fair such as ceramic and handicrafts. Ceramic companies such as Dankotuwa Porcelain are in Hall six (Dining) while the other companies are in Hall 10 (Giving and Living).

Ambiente has over 4,400 exhibitors while over 140,000 buyers come to the fair. It is an exhibition where Sri Lanka can sell to the entire world and more than 154 countries are represented from the buyers’ side.

The top 10 visitor countries:

China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, South Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey and the USA.

There was also above average growth in the number of visitors from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and South American nations; such as Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Ambiente for more than a decade will open its doors in Frankfurt am Main on February 9th 2018.

Companies participating at Ambiente 2018 from Sri Lanka:

Five exhibitors from Sri Lanka will participate and showcase their products are AMP Ceylon, Art Decoration International, Dankotuwa Porcelain (it has been participating for more than 30 years), Gospel House Handicrafts and Selyn Exporters.

They are exhibiting with the products covering interior decoration items, handicrafts, kitchen accessories and other consumer products.

The fair is going to be held from February 9th to 13th 2018 in Frankfurt Germany.

Ambiente is welcoming more visitors from all growth regions of the world.

Ambiente 2018 is offering unique spectrum of products for the table, kitchen and housewares, gifts and decorative articles and interior design concepts and furnishing accessories.

The next Ambiente will be held from February 8th to 12th 2019, and Ambiente India will also be held from June 27th to 29th 2018.

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