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Startup Aims To Bring Chef’s Tools To The Masses |

Startup Aims To Bring Chef’s Tools To The Masses

Misen sells knives and other tools to consumers for less by skipping home goods retailers

Misen, a startup founded by three home cooks who worked in the tech industry, aims to bring high-quality chef’s tools and cookware to the average shopper by marketing directly to consumers rather than selling to retailers.

The brand first introduced a chef’s knife made from premium steel on Kickstarter, selling the piece for $65—much less than what a similar tool might cost at a cookware shop. The Kickstarter campaign brought in more than $1 million in pre-sales, and the company is now expanding to include pans among its products.

Misen wants to market a set of five essential kitchen products, including skillets and stock pans, costing as little as $50 for one piece or $260 for the entire set. The Kickstarter campaign for this latest endeavor has so far raised more than $560,000.


Lead Image: Misen via Facebook

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