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Startups riding the Desi wave at Delhi Comic Con |

Startups riding the Desi wave at Delhi Comic Con

NEW DELHI: With names like ‘Falana Dhimkana’, ‘Ek Do Dhai’ and ‘Crazy Beta’, the new age of startups has sure taken a desi and quirkier turn for good.

While taking a walk around the stalls at the seventh Delhi Comic Con, it becomes apparent that it is no more about choosing the finest of English names but opting for something that can touch the desi chord.

Surrounded by her string art home decor items, Ludhiana- based Kanwal Narula, owner of ‘Falana Dhimkana’, a colloquial term that loosely means “anything and everything”, named the brand so because her products are an assortment of items that can’t be put under one category.

“I come from Punjab where we use ‘falana dhimkana’ as a collective term for different sorts of items. And since my products are anything and everything, we can connect our brand better with the local buyers,” Narula told PTI.

The NSIC grounds at Okhla here were lined with shops for superhero action figures, pop culture posters and other merchandise.

‘Keep Calm Desi’ was another startup here selling quirky items ranging from t-shirts, bar items, and smartphone covers to key chains, coffee mugs and tote bags.

Sarthak Sehgal, co-founder of Keep Calm Desi, started the venture selling only t-shirts under the brand name of ‘Keep Calm T-shirt’ but moved to the current name as the range of products increased.

“By adding ‘Desi’ in the name, we reaffirmed the identity of our products. People find it easier to remember and connect with names that have a local feel,” he said.

Mumbai-based Sahil Hussain and Anshika Goyal, founders of Aswhole Ideas, showcased quirky, pop-culture themed beer mugs, posters, and other home decor items.

“Interesting brand names help to connect with the younger college-going generation. And since Comic Con is a place for the younger crowd, it definitely helps the brand,” Hussain said.

‘The Bored Yogi’ selling board games, ‘Ek Do Dhai’ with its kitchen and bar accessories and ‘Crazy Beta’ showcasing t-shirts carrying funny captions were some of the other startups doing business with a desi twist.

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