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STEPPING STONES GARDEN CLUB members met at Our Farm Store in Edwards for a meeting on “Cooking With Cast Iron”.

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017 12:59 pm

Stepping Stones

On May 10, 16 members of the Stepping Stones Garden Club met for their monthly meeting at “Our Farm Store” on 7 Hwy. near Edwards, MO. The topic of the meeting was, “Cooking With Cast Iron” and was presented by homesteading experts, Wendy Light, owner of the store, and Peggy Cooper. Wendy, is a Retired R.N., Health and homesteading enthusiast, and Peggy is a Retired Art Teacher, Microbiologist and Cast Iron aficionado. Some facts about Cast Iron Cooking: The earliest used was in China over 2000 yrs. ago. Europeans later brought cast iron to America. Why use?: It’s healthy because Iron helps support the immune system. It maintains an even heat across the pan. It is non-stick without toxic chemicals. Whereas, Teflon and other coated pans with(PTFE) release awful cancer causing elements into our food while using.

The members learned about camp (outdoor) Dutch oven cooking, however, many of the same principles are used for kitchen Dutch oven cooking. There was so much more than we can print here. If you are interested, Google History/origin of cast iron cookware and educate yourself with reading-on-line or in books about cooking with cast iron. Peggy and Wendy demonstrated cooking their lunch using the Dutch ovens. They enjoyed a delicious meal that included Calico Chicken, Chia Rye bread, a delicious Cranberry walnut green salad and apple crisp with caramel sauce and homemade ice cream (they make there). The club hostesses for the day were, Garlena Hankins and Ranetta Daugherty. After lunch they had a brief business meeting discussing coming club events and past events, like the FGCM Convention that eight members attended in Hannibal the first four days of May. The club had contributed 30 Art Walk items total in categories of Painting, Photography, Yard Art, Sewing Handwork, and Pressed Flowers. We received two first places–by Jean Tullos, one second place–Sara Blacklock, three third places–Bee Smith, Nancy Konkus and Jacque Scott. We’re mostly proud of our club members in their generous participation and their time. Just had our yearly Plant Sale, May 20th and had ten participants and lots of customers. Thanks to all!

COMING EVENTS: MODOT Road Clean up, May 31st. Need lots of participation from club. Meeting at 9 AM at Newman’s (now G W. Grocery Store) at N. end of parking area. June 5, 9 AM, Bring items for Window in the Library with State Theme, “Make Missouri Bloom” and bringing Art Walk items from Convention.

June 7, Papercrete workshop at Patty Orsborn’s home. Those interested in participation make sure you prepare beforehand. Refer back to e-mail of Minutes dated May 11.

Great meeting and luncheon! Make sure you check out “Our Farm Store” and online to check out days open and products.

If interested in the club, google fgcmwestcentral/clubs/steppingstones. We invite you to our meetings.

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Friday, May 26, 2017 12:59 pm.

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