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Stop! 15 Things You Should Never Buy Used (and How You Can … |

Stop! 15 Things You Should Never Buy Used (and How You Can …

Everybody loves a good bargain, and a larger percentage of Americans than ever before is a huge proponent of reducing, reusing, and recycling. However, just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s safe, and these 15 products in particular are worth the extra money to never buy used.


There are some items that you should consider spending the extra money on. It’ll keep you and your family safer, protect you from some nasty germs, and may just be a better investment in the long run!

1. Car seats

Used car seats may not be safe. | Halfpoint/iStock/Getty Images

Little known fact about car seats: They have a “shelf life,” or a literal expiration date. Most expire after six years, a date often printed on the owner’s manual (which we doubt you’ll get when buying it secondhand).

Plus, technology improves over time. The safest car seat for your child will likely be a recently manufactured one. There’s also no way to know if the seat has been involved in an accident, a fact that the seller likely won’t tell you if they’re trying to pawn their used car seat.

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