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Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for saving money on groceries |

Stretch Your Dollar: Tips for saving money on groceries

(WTNH)– For a lot of us, the grocery bill is one of the biggest expenses of the week. We are stretching your dollar with five easy tricks that could save you money.

The problem is so many of us are stuck in our routines. When you branch out, you may find you can save more.

These tips comes from Business Insider:

Have non-perishables on hand! When you don’t have something on hand, that’s when people will typically reach for the phone and a take-out menu.

Get familiar with ethnic markets! When you buy specialty items from these stores, you’ll find it’s a lot less expensive than at your regular grocery store.

Get picky about recipes! Avoid choosing one with recipe-specific ingredients. Think about the chances of using it in another dish before you hand over the extra cash.

Shop in-season products!

And number 5, don’t forget to pick up some kitchen accessories at the Dollar Store instead! The caveat to that is don’t go in a Dollar Store if you’re one of those people who typically over-spends.

And here’s a bonus tip, you always have those friends who ask what you want for your birthday or the holidays. Ask for gift cards! It’s a great way to get ahead financially and maybe treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally buy.

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