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Style alert: Top decor trends for 2018 |

Style alert: Top decor trends for 2018

I have a love-hate relationship with trends. While I love to incorporate new looks both in my home and in my closet, this business – and it is a business – of keeping up with the times gets exhausting and expensive.

Hems above the knee or below? Fixtures brass or nickel? Jewelry big or dainty? Pillows fringed or knife-edged? Shoulders padded or cut out? Drapes puddled or tailored? Belts wide or narrow? Accessories rustic or modern? I’ve adopted every one of these trends, I’m embarrassed to tell you.

Over the years, I have been foiled by the fashion fairy, that arbitrary arbiter of what’s hot and what’s not, more times than I’d care to admit. I now approach new trends with caution.

That’s because my cynical side resents feeling manipulated to buy new things, and views the changing world of design as a marketing ploy to make me want – then buy — new looks. Which works! However, my more agreeable side concedes that the flow of fresh looks is simply the market’s answer to our insatiable appetite for novelty. And I do have an appetite.

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