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Successful Ceramics Business Moves to Chico |

Successful Ceramics Business Moves to Chico

Chico, Calif. — A successful ceramics business can now call Chico home.

Alex Marshall Studios started in the Bay Area before relocating to Corning, and recently relocated once again, opening-up a brand-new showroom and factory on Nelson Street in Chico.

“Dinnerware, lighting, vases, we do anything from serving pieces to like 6 different mugs designs we do,” said store owner Alex Marshall.

She’s always been an artist: she painted, sculpted, and did pottery, and about 15-years ago had this vision. Now, that vision has grown to more than 60 stores and catalogs nationwide, including ones like Zucchini Vine. 

Everything is made at the location, from molds to the finished product.

She does have a line, but they can do custom projects as well. 

She said having a showroom is a huge help because it allows her to connect with the local community, but expanding and growing the business is the ultimate goal.

“We currently do dinnerware, and vases, and lighting, but we want to do a line of tiles; we’re planning to do a line of tiles.”

Marshall credits her grandmother as being part of the inspiration behind the business. She says her grandma was always into contemporary design.

“She also liked things that were well made. So I think being around her my whole childhood, it just seeped-in.”

She says she wants to be part of the community and collaborate with businesses, and even hopes she could teach students basic manufacturing skills.

Right now she and her husband are the only full-time employees, but they do have two part-time people as well.



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