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Sumptuous and simply delicious Super Bowl nibbles |

Sumptuous and simply delicious Super Bowl nibbles

With Super Bowl right around the corner on Sunday, Feb. 4, here are some fancy finger foods to pass around your football gathering this year. These pan-fried olives and caramelized onion puff pastry treats are sure to be crowd pleasers. A friend sent me the onion puff pastry recipe, which he found in the instruction manual of his KitchenAid food processor! I’ve made the tarts a few times now, but the very best were those made with the Old Amsterdam premium aged Gouda from Trader Joe’s. That cheese is amazing, and combined with puff pastry and caramelized onions, it’s hard to go wrong.
For the fried olives, I used pitted Mt. Athos olives from the deli department and they were perfect for this recipe. These are halkidiki (or chalkidiki) olives – large, flavorful, green Greek olives. However, if you cannot find them, I would think any large, pitted green Greek olive would work well. Just don’t use ripe green olives. They don’t have the right flavor characteristics for this recipe. If you have the patience, it would be fun to stuff these olives with blue cheese before breading them. The olives I bought were stuffed with red peppers, but I removed those before breading them.

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