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Surprising Things You Should Never, Ever Put in the Dishwasher |

Surprising Things You Should Never, Ever Put in the Dishwasher

Think you know your way around the dishwasher? You probably turn to this useful appliance to save time. But a dishwasher isn’t foolproof.

In fact, you can make plenty of mistakes each time you load your dishwasher. And if you aren’t careful, you might be loading your dishwasher with items that are pretty likely to get ruined once you hit that “wash” button. We all want to save time but not at the expense of a good set of knives or that copper cookware you saved your pennies to buy.


Read on to check out some of the most surprising things you shouldn’t put in the dishwasher.

1. Cast iron

Don’t ever put cast iron in the dishwasher. |

While a pro knows you should never put a cast iron skillet or dutch oven in the dishwasher, not everybody got that memo. Cast iron cookware is seasoned with oil to prevent it from rusting. A spin in the dishwasher strips that oil away, leaving your cookware vulnerable. Instead, Good Housekeeping recommends rinsing your cast iron with warm water and rubbing it clean with salt. That way, you won’t ruin that perfect seasoning or cause your pan to rust. 

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