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Swiss and mushroom hamburger … with a little twist |

Swiss and mushroom hamburger … with a little twist

Katelin Gandee Creating Quick Meals

Katelin Gandee | Laurinburg Exchange The hamburger was actually giant wouldn’t recommend it being that thick.

So far on these cooking columns, I’ve typically fixed things that involve chicken or fish. Not this time.

I do my best to have red meat at least once a week just because of the iron it has in it and, typically, I get that from steak (that recipe is coming soon). But I decided to switch it up and make hamburgers.

Overall I mostly prefer homemade burgers with avocado on them rather than the overly-greasy hamburgers at fast-food chains. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Wendy’s quarter-pounder and a McDonald’s Big Mac on occasion, but I prefer having them at home with less grease — though I do love Red Robin with my entire heart, but I haven’t been to one in a couple of years.

One of my favorite burgers from there, besides the “Royal Red Robin Burger” complete with an egg, is the “Sautéed ‘Shroom,” which is essentially a Swiss and mushroom burger. So I decided to try my own version of it — but with a bit of a twist: stuffing the burger with Swiss cheese instead of putting it on top.

Now mind you, I have never once in my entire life made an actual hamburger nor do I have a grill, so I had to use one of my skillets and hoped for the best. I also made my burger way entirely too thick, so it took forever and a day to cook (I mean like 15 minutes and I like my burgers cooked to a medium doneness).

So trial and error was this entire process, but I really enjoyed my burger and it was ridiculously filling — all good things.

I also skipped out on actually fully making my hamburgers. I cheated and bought pre-made burgers from Food Lion that I just re-shaped and put cheese in the middle of. It probably would have been easier if I just went ahead and made my own hamburger, but lesson learned I guess.

Also, I’m really guessing on how much cheese I used because, as I was cooking, I was also eating the cheese and ended up using half the block.

What you need …

2 uncooked hamburgers or 1-pound hamburger meat

Several cubes of Swiss cheese

1 container of mushrooms (I used Baby Bella)

Hamburger buns

1 teaspoon of olive oil

Garlic Powder

Salt and pepper to taste


Instructions …

Take your hamburgers and split in half, put a block of the cheese in the middle of each burger and cover with the other half.

Heat up a skillet with the olive oil in it on about medium high heat. Add in the mushrooms with the salt, pepper and garlic powder. Cook for around 2 minutes or until done. Once cooked move aside to a plate.

Move the burgers to the skillet and increase the heat. Cook for anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes per side (flipping occassionally so it doesn’t burn) depending on thickness and desired doneness. If the burgers are thick and are taking a while to cook cover the skillet.Once the burger is done move to the plate and put the mushrooms back on the skillet.

If you want to toast the hamburger buns just put them on another corner of the skillet while the burgers are cooking just be careful not to burn them.

Remove the skillet from the heat and add the mushrooms and leftover cubes of cheese. Cover and let the cheese melt over the mushrooms.

Add the burger to a bun and top with mushroom-cheese mixture then enjoy.

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