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Syracuse China gets new life at Smith’s Restaurant Supply |

Syracuse China gets new life at Smith’s Restaurant Supply

SYRACUSE (WSYR-TV) – The second floor of Smith’s Restaurant Supply on Erie Blvd. in Syracuse used to be used for storage, now its filled with thousands of pieces of china for sale. 

It started a few months ago when a local church asked owner John Kuppermann if he wanted to buy 4,000 pieces of Syracuse china they no longer needed. 

“And I really didn’t,” Kuppermann said. “Because I didn’t know what the market would be for a bunch of used dinnerware. Then the word consignment popped into my head.”

So Kuppermann recently began consigning that collection and thousands of other pieces that other people have dropped off.

Some of the items were originally sold by Kupperman’s grandfather and have Smith’s supply stickers on them. 

Kupperman said sales at the store were the highest over the weekend than they’ve been in more than five years. 

“I mean it was just amazing,” Kupperman said. “People were having a ball. People were here for hours. Smith’s has always done things different than a normal restaurant store, but this is completely unique.”




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