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Meet the 12-year-old spray tan addict who hasn’t gone a day without applying fake tan in the past two years

STANDING in the tanning booth, Ebony Whalley scrunches her eyes as the beautician covers her with brown dye.

The spray feels cold on her skin but she is used to this — she gets it done every week.

12-year-old Ebony Whalley has been hooked on fake tanning for the past two years

Addicted to a bronzed look, Ebony carries a bottle of fake tan everywhere she goes, in case it wears off.

And for the past two years, she has not gone longer than 24 hours without applying it.

This may seem like the life of an image-obsessed Towie star but what makes Ebony’s addiction shocking is that she is just 12 years old.

Mum Bex let Ebony have her first professional spray tan aged 10, in preparation for a christening

She had her first professional spray tan at age ten and since then has been hooked — after her mum passed on her obsession.

Bex, 32, says: “I understand why my daughter likes tanning — she’s naturally pretty but looks a lot healthier with fake tan.

“We are both ghostly white without it.

“Ebony definitely gets more attention from boys with a tan.

“Parents criticise me but it’s true.”

Single Bex, a personal assistant, who is also mum to Lola, two and ten-month-old Deliah, has been fake-tanning for 12 years — and insists there is nothing wrong with Ebony copying her.

32-year-old Bex has been fake tanning for 12 years

She says: “I hated being pale.

“Having a golden tan is in fashion so why not make skin browner?

“Ebony is only young but I don’t see a problem with teaching her that looks are important.

“When you get older, everyone judges you on looks — and it’s the same when you are young.”

Bex says: “I spend £200 a month on us both staying brown.

“I use the darkest shade of St Tropez tan while Ebony uses the second-darkest.

Bex says although Ebony is naturally pretty, she looks better bronzed and gets more attention from boys

Recalling how Ebony’s habit began, Bex says: “When she was ten we went to a christening and I’d had a spray tan.

“She said, ‘Mum, can I have a spray tan like you?’

“It never crossed my mind to say no.

“I took her in the next week.

“The salon staff did seem a bit ­surprised but when I gave consent, they agreed.”

Ever since, the pair have fake-tanned together nearly every day.

Any sign of a pale patch leaves them anxious.

Bex, from Birmingham, says: “We won’t leave the house without a bottle of fake tan, in case we need a top-up.

These days Ebony won’t even leave the house without a bottle of fake tan in case she needs a top up

“If we’re not really brown we both refuse to have our ­picture taken.

“Ebony won’t leave for school if she feels pale, so we put a layer on in the morning.”

Bex added: “Parents at school tell me Ebony looks too old for her age and it isn’t healthy for her to be that self-conscious.

“But I don’t listen to them, she’s my child and it’s her choice.

“She’s picked up the obsession from me and I know it might damage her in future, as fake tan dries out skin and clogs pores.

Ebony and Bex Whalley
A woman reveals on This Morning that she puts fake tan on her 3 year old

“But it could be worse — we could be addicted to tanning injections or sunbeds.”

Bex recently started ­paying a make-up ­artist weekly for her and Ebony.

She says: “Ebony loves the reality TV star Charlotte Crosby, and we both like to do our make-up to look like a reality TV star.

“It makes us both look so glam and Bex looks so much older with it on.

“I have no problem with her experimenting.”

Ebony’s favourite reality TV star is Charlotte Crosby

Bex started off using sunbeds 20 years ago but became concerned by the health warnings.

She says: “I used to go on the beds for 13 minutes, four times a week, but stories came out about it causing cancer.

“Ever since, I’ve been getting through several bottles of tan a week.

“I used to do it myself but it would be really uneven so I started getting professional spray tans and it changed my life.

Ebony and Bex says they also do their make-up to look like reality TV stars

“I top them up with fake and feel ugly and naked without it.”

But Bex admits fake-tanning has wrecked her love life.

She says: “Every guy I’ve been with tells me it smells of biscuits and it ruins the bed linen.

“Most used to tell me to take it off before getting into bed, but I didn’t dream of letting them see me without it.

Single mum Bex admits tanning has taken its toll on her love life, as men say it ruins the bed linen

“After a spray tan, I have to be careful with my youngest two children because if I pick them up and get tan on them, it can aggravate their skin.”

But Bex insists she will never give up fake tan, or ask her daughter to quit.

She says: “I don’t care what people think.

“Tanning makes us happy and most people who slag us off are just jealous because they’re pale and miserable.”

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Today’s 10 Best Bargains on Kitchen Gadgets: Grilling Accessories and More

Looking for a quick way to get conversions and basic info while you’re cooking—but don’t want to stop everything, wash your hands, and pull out your laptop? Consider an Amazon Echo Dot, the baby sibling to the full-size Echo, which you can ask questions (and even get to play you music while you putter around the kitchen). The Echo Dot is on sale today for $39.99 (down from $49.99).

Here’s an easy way to dispense batter into smaller vessels without making mess spooning it from one place to the other. The Chuzy Chef Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label makes the transition clean and simple—it’s on sale today for $8.79 (down from $24.99).



Kitting out your bar cart in preparation for all the awesome outdoor parties you’re planning this summer? Consider investing in a full set of bar tools. This Francois et Mimi Stainless Steel Cocktail Bar Tool Kit Set comes with ice tongs, a double jigger with handle, a strainer, and a bottle opened—all in a handy organizational stand. It’s on sale today for $7.99 (from $14.99).

As far as hostess gifts go, you can’t really go wrong with a beautifully boxed set of steak knives. This 8-Piece Steak Knife Set is on sale today for $19.19 (down from $33.99).


Switching from hot coffee to cold brew this summer? Consider making your own at home with this Cold Brew Coffee Maker, which is on sale today for $19.99 (down from $59.99).

Or maybe not—maybe stick with hot coffee and treat yourself to this Nespresso Inissia Red by Breville, which is on sale today for $89.99 (down from $149.95).

If you want to start taking your lunch to work this summer, consider this PuTwo Lunch Bag Insulated Large Capacity. We like it because it’s LARGE (come on, who are they kidding with some of those child-size lunch bags out there). It’s also on sale for $14.99 today (down from $19.37).

Sieving something and don’t feel like messing with a colander at all? This Snap-n-Strain by Creative Kitchen fits on almost all pot sizes. It’s on sale today for $8.79 (down from $10.99).

If you’ve always wanted a dedicated lidded fruit bowl that looks like it’s straight out of the Jetsons, well, we’ve found one. This Lifewit Fruit Wash Bowl with a 360 Rotatable Lid is on sale today for $16.99 (down from $49.99).

Just got an outdoor grill and looking for an all-in-one accessory kits that won’t break the bank? This Lurico Kitchen Cooking Utensils Set comes with meat claws, heat-proof gloves, tongs, and a brush—all-in for $14.88 (down from $28.99).

William Safire letter

Orange Is The New Black

Pink pineapples

moet mini share pack

The Brando French Polynesia

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Japanese retailers looking to enter Indian market dominated by European, US brands

NEW DELHI: India’s rapidly growing fashion and accessories segment has caught the fancy of Japanese retailers and several of them are getting ready to enter a market so far dominated by European and US brands.

A host of retailers from the Land of the Rising Sun, including Mark Styler that owns fashion and lifestyle brands such as Mercuryduo, Dazzlin and Emoda; fast-fashion retailer Miniso; eyewear company Owndays and the Kai Group, which sells products in cooking, grooming and beauty care are scouting for mall space in India’s top cities, senior executives at three top malls said.

A couple of Japanese companies already sell their fashion products in India, a country with a burgeoning and increasingly urbanised and prosperous middle class that is becoming an important growth market for global brands.

Tokyo-based Muji, which retails apparels to home products, entered India last year in a joint venture with Reliance Brands that sells a raft of global brands, including Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, Diesel and Brooks Brothers. Muji expects India to be its second largest international market after China, where the retailer with no-logo branding operates around 200 outlets.

Kyoto-based luxury lingerie brand Wacoal, too, entered India last year in a joint venture between its Hong Kong unit and India’s Perivbwinkle Fashions.

The largest Japanese fashion company and one of the world’s top four fast-fashion brands, Uniqlo, is preparing to come to India next year. ET reported in January that Uniqlo is entering India on its own and is in talks with mall developers in top cities to open stores.

“In India, I have seen mostly Japanese companies move in a herd — be it automobiles, electronics or other equipments,” said Harminder Sahni, founder of retail consultancy Wazir Advisors. “I see that has started to happen in retail with Muji coming here.”

Kai has already invested about Rs 175 crore in India, the bulk of it in a manufacturing plant at Neemrana outside of New Delhi. The firm, which operates experiential stores in Japan, Hong Kong and other countries, plans to open a store in a New Delhi mall.

“We are under negotiations for a store in a mall in Delhi where we will showcase our products such as kitchen goods, kitchen appliances and related items,” said Rajesh Pandya, Kai’s chief operating officer in India.

Founded in 2013, fast-fashion brand Minisco sells its products through more than 1,400 standalone stores in 31 countries. A spokesperson for Minisco said the company generally appoints franchisees for its brand but will open company-owned stores in India and later appoint sub-franchisees.

One of the mall executives said Mark Styler is in talks with a local company for a franchisee. Masanori Akiyama, the company’s president, did not respond to a text message sent to his phone seeking comment.

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Slight Surge in Mother’s Day Spending Shows in Charleston

It’s understandable to occasionally forget an anniversary, and it’s usually forgiven if a birthday wish is belated. But hardly anyone forgets to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day, which was reflected in the cash registers of several small businesses in the Charleston area.

The National Retail Federation released numbers in late April that showed consumers said they would spend more than ever on Mother’s Day 2017, with plans to celebrate moms with jewelry, flowers, clothing, gift cards, electronics and “special outings,” such as brunch or dinner.

For Paul Adams, who owns the local Adams Hallmark franchise with his sister, the Mother’s Day weekend out-performed the previous year and is leading 2017 in sales so far.

“We’ve had a slow spring, but Easter showed some signs of strength,” Adams said. “Our largest day is actually in July when the ornaments are premiered. We’re Christmas-based and Mother’s Day is after that.”

Adams Hallmark stores are located in Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington and Parkersburg. Adams said business at the Morgantown store has been strong throughout the past few years despite a slowdown in retail sales, and Charleston “is bouncing back.”

Adams said cards, candy and flowers are Mother’s Day staples, which his stores provide, from Sarris Candies’ seasonal strawberry cordials to locally grown flowers.

“I think probably in our business clothing and accessories are becoming more of a gift item than they ever have before,” he said. “We have more of that than we ever had before, and traditional figurines are probably waning a little bit in popularity.”

Morgan Morrison, owner of Rock City Cake Co., kept her coolers stuffed for Mother’s Day weekend shoppers, but she treated her own mom to some new clothes for the holiday.

“I don’t know how to put it, other than every holiday is a madhouse,” Morrison said.

Her Capitol Street bakery has been open since December, pumping out luscious cookie sandwiches filled with rich icing, along with featured cupcakes each day, cake balls, chocolate-dipped fruits and an array of other unique sweet concoctions.

Morrison said her Logan bakery has been open since 2013, but the Charleston location probably makes in a week what the Logan store brings in over a two-month period.

“Nothing compares to Valentine’s Day, but Mother’s Day was the busiest holiday besides that,” Morrison said. “It’s a lot of trial and error, and we have to be prepared, but it’s different from T-shirts.

“You don’t have to sell food.Food sells itself. We just give it our all, every day, and if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t sell.”

But that hasn’t been a problem so far, with the Saturday before Mother’s Day drawing lines out the door. She prepared pre-packaged cookies and high-heeled shoes made out of chocolate then filled with chocolate-covered strawberries.

“We’ve definitely learned a lot,” Morrison said. “People wanted pre-packaged things, ready to go with a bow on top. At Easter, they wanted to pick things individually to put into baskets. At Valentine’s Day, they just wanted everything.

“Every holiday, we go for it. There’s always a reason to eat cake.”

The National Retail Federation’s annual shopper survey conducted by Prosper Insights Analytics showed Mother’s Day shoppers expected to spend an average of $186.39 for the holiday — an increase from last year’s $172.22. A total of 85 percent of consumers they surveyed expected to celebrate the holiday, for a total spending pricetag of $23.6 billion, which was the highest in the survey’s 14-year history.

“With spring in full bloom, many Americans are looking forward to splurging on their mothers,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said in a news release. “Retailers will be ready with a wide range of gift options and a variety of promotions for their customers.”

Around the corner from Rock City Cake Co. is Oddbird Gift Emporium, where owner Naomi Bays has been open since February 2016.

Her shop features quirky accents for the home and office, as well as fun gifts for babies, birthdays and just because.

Bays said she saw a slight rise in sales this Mother’s Day over last, but she had noticed a boost in business once April started.

With her wide variety of eclectic goods, how did she know shoppers were buying for mom?

“I can tell by what they bought — garden stuff, aprons, kitchen and dining,” she said.

The NRF survey showed the largest number of consumers who planned to celebrate Mother’s Day were expecting to buy flowers — 69 percent of those surveyed, followed by “special outings such as dinner or brunch,” with 56 percent of those surveyed.

But at Embassy Suites in Charleston, the brunch numbers seemed steady, said Melanie Linger, food and beverage director.

Embassy hosted a special brunch for the holiday, which it also does at Easter, as well as a big party for New Year’s Eve.

“In 2015, we did do Mother’s Day, and we were highly disappointed, so we did not do it last year, so it’s hard to judge … but I don’t feel like there was a spike,” Linger said. “I think a lot of it has to do with the weather also, and it was a very nice day.”

Linger said Embassy reached its goals and had about 400 guests. At Easter, the brunch hosted 500 people.

“When I first started here in 2005, Easter did well and Mother’s Day was huge,” she said. “Now it’s reversed.”

The NRF survey showed 37 percent of those celebrating the holiday would purchase clothing and 36 would purchase jewelry, with 45 percent purchasing gift cards, 15 percent buying electronics and 24 percent buying personal services, such as a spa day.

NRF’s numbers indicated the overall spending increase was expected to be driven largely by spending on jewelry and personal services, but at Geranium’s Boutique along Bridge Road in the South Hills neighborhood, owner Wendy McCuskey says dresses were the big sellers.

“Saturday was the single biggest day of the spring, and our week was really big,” McCuskey said of the day before Mother’s Day.

NRF’s survey found 24 percent of shoppers planned to buy from a local, small business, and McCuskey said people still prefer the special touches small businesses provide, such as the complimentary gift wrapping offered at Geranium’s.

“It’s been a steady climb since Easter for us,” she said. “We have to make sure we have enough inventory for what we think men might want to buy for wives and mothers.”

McCuskey, mother of a 2-year-old with another baby due in late June, said her husband made her breakfast and got her flowers and home items to celebrate the holiday.

She said she expected jewelry to be a bigger seller than it was, but June 9 will mark her first year anniversary as owner of the long-time business, so she doesn’t have a previous Mother’s Day to compare to.

“Our Christmas was a little down, I think because of the election … but spending didn’t seem to be an issue for Mother’s Day,” she said.

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Tips to add buzz to your home’s interior

Anna Mavrakis, owner of of Cottage Draperies Interiors, offers some trends that could give your home a fresh look in 2017.

New trends for home interiors and remodeling seem to come around every year, but one change that’s been gaining momentum the last few seasons has been the amount of people who do the work themselves.

Anna Mavrakis, an interior designer and co-owner of Cottage Draperies Interiors and Mavrakis Construction in Perry Township, said she and her husband, Bill, a general contractor, assist customers in building a plan for a remodeling project and take them through the construction phase. 

People who can’t afford contractors to do home remodeling often purchase supplies and do the work on their own, she said.

“The big trend is people going to a home improvement store for about everything, whether it’s for supplies, tools or advice,” Anna Mavrakis said. “‘Do it yourself’ is getting huge.”

Here are a few trendy tips offered by Mavrakis to spruce up the inside of your home:

Upgrading kitchen countertops: Mavrakis said natural materials, such as granite and quartz, are popular this year and in recent years. Formica, laminate and man-made corian countertops tend to be less attractive now to people doing remodeling projects.

Carpet: Short shag is better than long shag, and easier to keep clean, according to Mavrakis, who recommends buying a rug rather than installing shag carpet. Styles go in and out, and installed carpet is more permanent, she said.

Drapes versus curtains: Mavrakis said she leans toward blinds. She said they’re a good investment for privacy, whether it’s from visibility via the road or driveway or from the sunshine.

Paint color: Gray tones are going big in 2017, said Mavrakis, adding that anything from light silver to battleship gray is trending. “You make your home if your go with trendy colors,” she said. “Paint is an inexpensive way to change the tone of your room. Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, bedroom sets and walls and accessories are also going gray, she said.

Installing hardwood flooring in the kitchen or living room: Although hardwood usually costs more than other flooring options, it offers durability and a cozy, ageless look that never goes out of style. Mavrakis said natural material, like bamboo hardwood, is popular this year.

Reach Steven at 330-775-1134 or at
On Twitter: @sgrazierINDE

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Brooklyn Kitchen Moving To Industry City

SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN — The Brooklyn Kitchen, a kitchen supply shop that hosts cooking classes, is moving from its Williamsburg home of nearly 10 years to Industry City for a temporary stay that may become permanent.

“We see this as a ‘pop-over,'” co-owner Taylor Erkkinen told Patch. Their Industry City lease runs through the end of the year, but “if it works out in the next couple of months then we’ll plan on staying,” she said.

The reason for the move is two-fold, Erkkinen said. First, the landlord at their Frost Street location in Williamsburg is “untrustworthy.” And second, the impending L train shutdown could deal a big blow to business, with fewer options to get out to North Brooklyn.

Plus, Industry City “feels like it’s a hotbed of creative spirit and small creative industries,” Erkkinen said. “I like that it’s all independent, lots of interesting characters existing and doing their own thing.”

While the signature cooking classes will remain, Erkkinen said their retail offerings such as kitchen gear and local non-perishable food will largely go by the wayside.

“We’re closing down the retail part,” Erkkinen said. “What we’ll bring to Industry City for re-sale will be a very very small concerted effort. We’ll be doing a couple of knives, honing steels and some small accessories. Just some vital, vital essentials.”

Because the move isn’t permanent (for now), the Williamsburg space will still be used for events and private cooking classes.

Click here for more information on Brooklyn Kitchen.

Image via Google Streetview

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Cosori Makes Vacuum Sealing Food Simpler with New, High-tech Vacuum Sealer

USA – Handling food in the modern kitchen could be more fun and friendly if only one could vacuum seal food in seconds. This is precisely the promise of the new vacuum sealer by Cosori now available on Amazon. This must-have gadget makes keeping food safe and protected with a process as simple as open, close, vacuum and seal. Most importantly Cosori Vacuum Sealer keeps food fresh up to 7 times longer compared with other brands’ products.

The Cosori Vacuum Sealer comes with a starter kit, LED indicators, a one-touch sealing system and accessories, and efficiently creates a hot seal to make foods last longer. As an ideal solution for food storage at home, the user need only press a seal button to create an extra seal and create an air-tight packaging that keeps foods fresh up to seven times longer than conventional storage. Vacuum sealing is known to not only keep food immune to spoiling, but also help retain flavors intact.

The 5 pre-cut bags are ETL certified and BPA-free, and the appliance is slim enough to fit into small kitchen drawers, thus saving space. Users can thus keep the kitchen spaces organized and uncluttered. The gadget also comes with a vacuum roll bag to create custom-sized bags. The vacuum sealer features intelligent LED lights, a flexible manual pulse, and automatic turn-off function. These features allow users of Cosori Vacuum Sealer to save not only on food and time, but also space and money.

As a specially designed vacuum sealer, the Cosori appliance serves multiple functions. It works at low noise levels, and comes with anti-skidding pads and a 3mm, extra-wide sealing strip width sealing bar, which make the bags stronger and perfectly air-tight. It also allows sealing multiple bags at once to store meat, fruits, nuts, snacks and other items. Users can thus marinade ingredients together for ready-to-cook meals, pre-season and seal food for sous vide, and save on money by making foods last longer.

The Cosori Vacuum Cleaner is easy to clean and comes with a 2-year warranty, as well as a lifetime of support from the Cosori Support Team. Cosori is a renowned name in kitchen appliances that are made to inspire people and foster their love for cooking and baking with multi-functional, user-friendly appliances that are high on functionality and efficiency.

To know more, please visit:

Media Contact
Company Name: Cosori
Contact Person: Support
Phone: (888) 402-1684
Country: United States

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