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Tesco are now selling orange cooking pots just like Le Creuset … |

Tesco are now selling orange cooking pots just like Le Creuset …

KITCHEN whizzes looking for some classy crockery could do a lot worse than Tesco’s new range of Le Creuset-inspired kitchenware.

The supermarket giant has cooked up a set of kitchen essentials which echo the timeless style of the French luxury brand… at a fraction of the price.

Tesco has launched a range of kitchen essentials, pictured, – styled after swanky French brand Le Creuset

Le Creuset’s original pot, pictured, will set you back at least £220, depending on where you shop

Tesco’s new “Go Cook” range is out in stores today, including roasting trays, knives, saucepans and casserole dishes styled in iconic Le Creuset orange.

But while a cast-iron casserole dish made by Le Creuset will set you back £220, Tesco’s own take on the popular pots are £45 – just over a fifth of the price.

The description reads: “This 4.6L casserole dish is made from cast iron, which provides completely even heat distribution and retention, so you can keep your food warmer for longer.

Le Creuset’s iconic range of crockery has been the inspiration behind a range of supermarket copycat versions

Tesco is also stocking a shallow version of the casserole dish, coloured in the same dusty orange

“The dish is coated in an orange enamel and has ergonomic handles to provide a comfortable grip.”

The only obvious difference is that Tesco’s version is 0.1L smaller.

Also in Tesco’s copycat range is a £12 knife which is £88 cheaper than the Le Creuset version, and a rectangular roasting tin which costs £14 – one tenth of the French brand’s price tag.

And Tesco isn’t the only supermarket looking to cash in on the undeniable appeal of the dusty orange crockery.

Tesco’s new rectangular roasting tin costs just one tenth of the price of Le Creuset’s version

Le Creuset’s fancy kitchen range, pictured, has been the inspiration for all sorts of supermarket variants

Sainsbury’s is offering its own 4.7L version of the iconic casserole dish, priced at £45 and coloured in the same “stunning” shade of orange.

They’re also stocking a red version, as well as a 3L shallow casserole dish – also at a pocket-friendly £45.

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And just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more in the way of dusty orange casserole dishes, Dunelm has its own version too.

Priced at £42, the Dunelm dish undercuts even its supermarket rivals, never mind the £220 Le Creuset original.

Sainsbury’s is offering its own orange casserole dish, priced at £45
 Wonder where Dunelm found the inspiration for this stylish orange pot?
Wonder where Dunelm found the inspiration for this stylish orange pot?

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