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The 15 Best Cast-Iron Pans Under $50 | HuffPost |

The 15 Best Cast-Iron Pans Under $50 | HuffPost

They have been the tool of choice for chefs for decades, due to their durability and excellent heat retention­ — not to mention that nice sear you get when grilling a rib-eye. Cast iron, also known as “casting metal” has been found to date all the way back to China in the fourth century B.C, although before it was used as a cooking material its primary use was to make weapons. We saw the introduction of the cast-iron pan as we know it today, in the late nineteenth century, but prior to that the “spider pot” was its predecessor — “the spider” being that ancient cast-iron, cauldron-like pot, designed with three legs and a handle for use in a hearth or fireplace, often used for slow-cooking stews. Interestingly enough, besides adding a handle and eliminating the legs, not much about the original idea behind the pot has changed.

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