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The 5 Best Skillets For Omelets |

The 5 Best Skillets For Omelets

This Cuisinart skillet set has a few different things going for it. First, it comes in a set of two, so you’re paying the same price as the T-fal skillet above, but for double the product. Thanks to the aluminum construction, both 10-inch pans provide great heat-distribution, and the non-stick surface allows your omelet to be cooked without much fuss. The ergonomic handle on each pan has a contoured shape for a secure grasp, and it’s also designed to stay cool throughout use. These pans are interlocking and can be used separately or as a unit, making it possible to expertly flip your omelet without dropping it, spilling it, or creating a big mess. These dishwasher-safe pans also feature a lifetime warranty, so you can feel confident you’re making a worthwhile purchase.

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