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The 5 best things to buy in June |

The 5 best things to buy in June

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Fresh produce

In-season fruits and veggies not only taste better, but they’re cheaper, too.

June brings a fruit-heavy harvest, meaning “you can shop watermelons, strawberries, peaches, apricots, peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers while they’re over 50 percent cheaper than their midwinter highs,” DealNews reports.

Gym memberships

Demand for gym memberships is low in June. With summer weather sprouting, people start heading outside to exercise. Plus, vacation season is kicking off and kids are out of school, making this time of year even slower for gyms.

Capitalize on the lull. Even if your local spot isn’t offering an official discount, chances are you can negotiate a lower membership fee this month.


It’s officially wedding season and that means department stores will be competing to get you to buy your gifts from them. Expect hefty discounts on registry-friendly items, especially dinnerware.

“Macy’s should be top of your list for highly discounted sets, including designer pieces,” DealNews reports. “Last year it offered select Kate Spade dinnerware from just $7. You can also expect dinnerware and flatware specialist Oneida to host its best sale of the year this month, knocking a massive 35 percent off across the store.”


Typically, lingerie will set you back a lot, but you can score deals in June thanks to the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale, which typically lasts two to four weeks. According to DealNews, “you can expect to see bra prices drop to just $10, while panties and beauty items go as low as $4.”

And you won’t be limited to just Victoria’s Secret. Many other lingerie stores, like Bare Necessities and Frederick’s of Hollywood, follow suit this time of year.


If you know what reading material you’ll need during your next college semester, don’t wait until the fall to buy them. Prices are lowest right after students sell their copies back in June.

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